How to Include an Instagram Swipe-Up Link in 2021 (2/2)

include instagram swipe-up link

Keep reading to explore more about the way to include an Instagram swipe-up link in 2021.

How to include an Instagram swipe-up link to your story WITHOUT 10,000 followers

If you haven’t got verification or don’t have 10,000 followers, don’t fret. You’ll be able to still add a link to your story with this IGTV workaround:

Here’s the way to include a link to your Instagram story if you DON’T have 10,000 followers:

  • Create a quick IGTV video that attracts people’s attention to the title of your video, i.e., tell people to tap on the title of the video to get the link
  • In your IGTV caption, include the link
  • Post the video on your IGTV channel
  • Now, open Instagram Stories
  • Tap on the link icon on top of your screen
  • Choose + IGTV Video
  • Select the IGTV video with the link that you just made

And that’s it!

instagram story hack 3: adding link to IGTV captioninstagram story hack 3: final IGTV link - include instagram swipe-up link

People will be able to swipe-up, see your video, and click on your link in your IGTV caption.

Need a visual demo of this workaround? We show the way to add a swipe-up link to your Instagram story using IGTV in Hack #3 of the video below:

Other methods to use links on Instagram if you don’t have 10,000 followers

The perfect benefit of the Instagram swipe-up feature is that it lets you easily share links with your audience. However even if you don’t have 10,000 followers, there are some alternatives you can try so that you’re able to get your links in front of more eyeballs. This can lead to increased sales and more loyal followers.

(Of course, you could always try getting more Instagram followers too.)

Link in bio

You might already be doing this, but you’ll be able to add a call to action and a link in the bio section of your Instagram profile. Some IG users select to put the one specific link they need in their bio or use link shortening tools for customization.

You may also use tools that let you host some links on one landing page (less updating your links, more conversions!). It’s known as an Instagram link tree and it’s very easy to make.

Just ensure to remind people to follow the “link in bio” in your caption when you post.

Use your DMs

Post your story and let your followers know that they can DM you for a direct link. It’s super easy for them, and an effective way to build a relationship with your audience since it might feel even more personal when they receive the link immediately from you.

Use your DMs for accounts under 10K followers- include instagram swipe-up link

Source: Instagram

Bonus: There is a relatively new ‘DM Me’ sticker you should use on your stories! Add this interactive sticker so your followers can simply tap to reply. Note that if you don’t have access to this sticker, you may have to update your app.

Create a poll

Share your content and then create a poll that asks people if they need to be sent the link. All you need to do is check who said ‘yes’ to your poll and you may follow up with a link sent via direct message within the Instagram app.

Want to keep growing your following to get access to the swipe-up feature even sooner?

Ensure you’re:

  • Using relevant hashtags to achieve new users that will be interested in your content
  • Creating compelling captions that encourage your followers to interact with or share your post
  • Promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms

Here are more of our top ideas for growing your Instagram followers organically.

Instagram swipe-up examples

Brands everywhere in the world are using the Instagram swipe-up feature in creative ways. Here are some examples of the feature in action to get you inspired.

Instagram swipe up example 1: 1929 Galore


Instagram swipe up example 2: Gap Kids - include instagram swipe-up link


Instagram swipe up example 3: Teen Vogue

Instagram swipe up example 4: Prada -include instagram swipe-up link

That’s it! You’re prepared to start using the Instagram swipe-up feature to further engage your followers, improve sales and build deeper relationships.

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