How To Increase Instagram Marketing Conversions (2/2)

increase instagram marketing conversions

Continue to read this guide to explore more tips to increase Instagram marketing conversions.

#5: Include Clear CTAs in Your Instagram Content

Producing high-value content is a great way to build a following and create numerous lead generation opportunities. But it’s essential to keep in mind that publishing useful posts or genuine content material won’t automatically develop your list or lead to more sales.

If you need followers to subscribe, click, buy, or take any other action, tell them exactly what to do. Adding clear CTAs in your Instagram content can completely change how people respond—and transform your conversion rate.

Once more, the best CTAs for your brand will rely on what you provide and what you want to achieve on Instagram. Use these ideas to begin brainstorming:

  • Retail brands may prompt followers to faucet on tagged products to browse and shop.
  • SaaS brands may encourage prospects to click on the link of their bio to sign up for a free trial.
  • Service providers may urge followers to DM them to sign up for a list or ask for help.

For instance, @thecopywriterclub post beneath teases an upcoming live event. The CTA encourages followers to comment or DM to join the group’s list to not miss any event announcements.

increase instagram marketing conversions

#6: Create Instagram Reels

In case you’re serious about building your business on Instagram, then it’s necessary to arrange workflows so you can use your time as efficiently as possible. However, don’t let your content creation process get stale. Repeating the same techniques can mean missing out on new tools that would generate even better outcomes.

For instance, Reels—which rolled out in August 2020—will be a superb lead generation tool. On the surface, Reels seems pretty similar to Stories. Both are short-form video formats that get an authentic feel. Both allow you to add stickers, overlays, music, and different interactive parts.

However, reels don’t disappear after 24 hours. They post to your profile completely to allow them to continue to entertain, educate, or help your audience. Whenever you create an Instagram reel, you can also write a caption with a 2,200-character limit—giving you tons of space to create helpful content and encourage your viewers to act.

In the reel below, @yoursocialteam created step-by-step information to customize a template that the brand uses for its reels. Although this content can be useful on its own, the reel additionally teases an upcoming product launch—providing value while guiding followers toward an eventual conversion.

#7: Build Strong Audiences Based on Previous Instagram Interactions

It’s easy to dismiss likes, comments, saves, and even profile visits as lower-value engagement. In any case, double-tapping an Instagram post doesn’t directly lead to a subscription or a sale.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that these types of engagement can help you guide casual observers or new followers through your sales funnel and toward a conversion. Sometimes you’ll be able to complete these steps organically by providing tons of useful content or orchestrating a successful product launch.

In other cases—such as when your marketing goals are more ambitious—advertising on Instagram could also be useful or even essential. Whenever you create ad campaigns, having a history of Instagram engagement will be incredibly helpful. That’s because you can build retargeting audiences based on previous Instagram engagement.

To get started, open Facebook Ads Manager and choose the Audiences tab. Click on the blue Create Audience button and select Custom Audience, which helps you to target based on data you’ve collected. Choose your Instagram account as the data source and decide who to target.

increase instagram marketing conversions

To build a bigger remarketing audience, you might want to target anyone who interacted with your account. To focus on warmer leads, you may want to include people who messaged you or saved your content instead.

#8: Run Instagram Lead Generation Campaigns

When you build your viewers, you can begin advertising on Instagram. If including leads in your sales funnel is your top priority, start by creating a campaign with the lead generation objective.

To run your marketing campaign on Instagram only, choose Manual Placements at the ad set level and uncheck all other platforms. By default, ads using the lead generation objective appear in the Instagram feed, Explore tab, and Stories.

Choose your target audience at the ad set level and design your creative at the ad level. Whenever you create a lead form, you’ll be able to add multiple questions to qualify prospects and market to them more effectively. It’s also possible to request their contact information so you may follow up with them outside of Instagram.

increase instagram marketing conversions

To entice prospects to offer contact details, offer something of value, such as downloadable information, a case study a checklist, or even a discount code.

Within the Instagram lead form ad beneath, @getweave provides a case study that explores how a client achieved impressive results using the brand’s communication platform. To access the case study, customers have to offer their contact information—much of which is auto-filled by Facebook Ads.

#9: Create Instagram Conversion Campaigns

Would you like your audience to make a purchase, sign up for a free trial, or subscribe to your list instead? Create a conversion campaign in Facebook Ads. At the ad set level, select a remarketing audience and choose Instagram-only placements. Optimize for one of the conversion events you’ve configured in Facebook Events Manager.

At the ad level, upload your creative and enter a link to your website or choose your app from the drop-down list. In case you have a product catalog, you’ll be able to create a dynamic ad that automatically displays the combination of format, creativity, and placement that’s most likely to appeal to every user.

Finally, select the CTA that’s most closely aligned with the outcomes you want. You’ll be able to encourage customers to shop, subscribe, get a quote, place an order, or complete other actions.

In the @segment advert beneath, the brand makes use of concise copy and a compelling CTA to encourage prospects to e-book a demo. Although the format often seems similar to a lead generation ad, a conversion ad takes place on the advertiser’s website, where the advertiser has the choice to collect contact details and use a Facebook pixel for tracking.

increase instagram marketing conversions


From creating high-quality organic content to organizing Instagram Shopping to running paid campaigns, Instagram provides tons of choices for leads and conversions. By selecting the correct mix of tools and techniques for your marketing goals, you’ll be able to increase Instagram marketing conversions. Then turn your Instagram account into a revenue-generating social media channel for your business.

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