Instagram Affiliate: Recommend Products and Get Paid

instagram affiliate

It’s never been easier to start earning more money from Instagram for sharing what you love with your community. With Instagram affiliate marketing, you can review your favorite products and recommend them to your Instagram fans, then get paid from tons of brands.

How to earn with affiliate

You’ll get commission payments based on the total amount of sales you drive for a brand. You will see a commission rate from this brand within the app.

Instagram will pay you on closed commissions, after the return period for the items purchased has passed. For most brands, it’s about 30-90 days.

And you can go to Insights to track your performance.

instagram affiliate

How to get started with affiliate

Follow these steps to start sharing and getting money.

– Go to “Pro home”

– Tap “Set up affiliate”

– Navigate to your favorite shop, choose the products you decide to promote, and add them to your wishlist.

– When writing your posts or stories, you can tag the products that you’ve chosen.

– Your final post will include a disclosure, with “Eligible for commission” showing at the top.

How to effectively run an affiliate program

Keep new fans informed

Post consistently on how to shop for your posts to inform your new followers every day. Another way is to make a “How to” video, post on your Story, then add it as a highlight. So it’s easy for your fans to watch whenever they want.

Tag often to sell more

Tagging regularly makes it easier for your followers to shop for products you share. And the more familiar followers are with your tags, the more likely they click on the link and shop.

Be smart; use insights

Check your affiliate insights to understand what followers are tapping on and buying. And let the insights help you create your future content calendar.

Be authentic

People click the follow button for a reason. So, don’t let the earning potential of your Instagram content get in the way of being authentic.

Highlight your favorite products

If you get some favorite products that followers always ask about, make your fans easy to reach by including affiliate tags to a story, then save them as a highlight.

Affiliate Q&A

Where can I use the affiliate tag?

During the alpha testing period, creators can add affiliate product tags in posts on the feed and in stories. You can use affiliate tags on carousels in the feed, as well as feed video, but not IGTV.

How is Instagram affiliate different from shopping from creators?

Creators will be able to earn a commission on any sales they generate from affiliate product tags in posts or stories, while a standard product tag is unmonetized and the creator will not be able to get a commission on any actions taken by users.

What if I use another affiliate solution? Can I still use Instagram affiliate links?

Yes, you can use multiple affiliate networks at one time. However, that commission is paid out by the affiliate link that gets the last click. Please note that!

So, if a consumer clicks through the Instagram product tag, you will get a commission once they buy this product through this link.

If a consumer uses one of your other links and buys on a brand’s site, you will get a commission from that affiliate partner.

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