Instagram Algorithm Changes in 2022

Instagram algorithm changes

If you’re wondering how to get more reach on Instagram, you must understand the Instagram algorithm changes. If you don’t know how it works, the chances are that people aren’t going to see it. But don’t fret – there are ways to get more reach if you know how the Instagram algorithm works.

In this article, we will discuss the Instagram algorithm changes that are going to affect how posts are prioritized and what they mean for users. We will also cover IGTV reels, feeds, and stories and explain how they will affect users. Also, we will discuss the implications of these changes for the future of IG. In particular, we’ll discuss how IGTV will affect the way users post and discover content.

But first things first, here are some factors that Instagram considers:

Relationship With Your Followers

Regardless of the number of followers you have, your relationship with your followers is a critical element. The Instagram algorithm rewards relationships with followers and takes into account some factors like do you both follow each other? How often do you stay in touch with each other?.

Relevance of Your Content

When determining the reach of your Instagram posts, one of the biggest factors is the relevance of your content. Instagram tracks down the likings and disliking of users, and this way, the content is only shown to people who are supposed to be interested in it.


The algorithm used by Instagram prioritizes posts that are the most recent. Also, make sure you’re posting content at the right time to attract your audience.

IGTV Reels

If you’re looking for more ways to increase your following on Instagram, consider using IGTV reels. This series of videos are great for content no longer than a minute. Organize your videos into these series so that viewers can easily navigate through them. This option is especially helpful for people who regularly upload IGTV videos to their profiles. It can also be useful for users who are searching for specific information.

Instagram algorithm changes

The 2022 Instagram algorithm for Reels has made it even harder to increase your Reels’ reach. However, there are still some ways you can improve your videos and increase their visibility. Here are the criteria of reels according to the user:

  • Your history of interacting with the person who posted.
  • Your activity. 
  • Information about the Reel. 
  • Information about the person who posted. 

IGTV Feed And Stories

The Instagram algorithm for Stories and Feed is constantly changing, but there are some changes you can make to maximize your reach and engagement. You might have wondered how Instagram’s new IGTV feed works and how it is determined. Here’s an explanation of how Instagram’s algorithm determines what you’ll see in your newsfeed, IGTV feed, and stories. Instagram’s algorithm is based on user behavior and what they deem most relevant to their audience.

When determining the algorithm for stories and feed, you need to understand what factors it takes into account. By taking advantage of this new algorithm, you can increase your visibility and reach without having to spend a lot of time optimizing your feed. The main criteria for feed and stories are as follows:

  • Information about the post
  • Your history of interaction with the person who posted
  • Your activity

IGTV Explore Page

The IGTV Explore page on Instagram is an exciting place to discover new video content. In addition to being a new place to find content, it is now also a way for Instagram to drive traffic to its video section. The algorithm is designed to display the most relevant content based on your interaction with other users and search terms.

The new algorithm for exploring the page will use data from user interactions and activity across the platform to predict what users will be interested in. This will make the Explore tab more tailored to the interests of users. The Explore tab will display a list of posts by other users, hashtags, and locations. After clicking on a post, a continuous scroll feed of related content will appear.

After all, who doesn’t want their content to be displayed in explore tab? That’s the point of the Explore tab, but how does Instagram rank posts? Let’s take a look at the criteria for IGTV explore page:

  • Info related to the post
  • Your interaction with the person who posted
  • Your activity
  • Information of the person who posted.
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