21 Instagram Best Practices in 2021 (2/2)

Instagram best practices in 2021

Keep reading for more Instagram best practices in 2021 that you should follow.

Instagram stories best practices in 2021

Instagram stories allow you to effectively engage with your audience. The 24-hour story means it’s an area for your brand to be a bit more creative.

7. Use interactive features

You should consider using the vote button, quiz button, and question/answer buttons. These interactive elements not only help you understand your audience, but this provides great insight into what your followers are interested in. Lay these elements over brand photos or videos.

A high engagement rate can come from fun, interactive content, like a beauty brand having their follower’s rate celebrity event style.

8. Try the create feature

Having trouble coming up with content? Create a feature on Instagram stories is an effective way to share new content without having to take photos or videos. Create fun GIPHY’s, make lists, and other kinds of fun content that engages with your audience.

create feature

Source: Instagram

Pro tip: Think about the similar things your audience may have with you and begin a conversation!

Instagram Reels best practices

Reels are quick, fun videos that help to show more personality over a traditional post or story.

9. Make your Reels unique

Here are some great ideas from @instagramforbusiness:

how to add text in Instagram Reels -Instagram best practices in 2021

Source: Instagram

10. Add Text

The Instagram Reels subtitle feature provides a great opportunity to allow for accessibility. Moreover, more information that can’t always fit in your video can pop up in the type of text bubbles.

11. Tag Products

Showcasing a product in your Reel? Tag it, so that when your audience can see how great it is and they can purchase it immediately!

12. Make it Entertaining

Like Instagram Stories, Reels are an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality! Whether it’s via fun videos of your products, behind the scenes with employees, or different creative trends.

13. Use Fun Effects

Green screen effects are a good way to change your background to keep all eyes on the product. Be careful, as too many fun effects can take away from what you’re promoting.

14. Engage and Inform

One great thing about reels is that they become a permanent part of your feed. Once you have created fun, informative reels, continue to share them to show off what your brand can give.

Pro tip: There’s no right or wrong method to create a reel for your business. Think DIY tips, how-tos, and what makes your brand stands out from the crowd.

Instagram highlights best practices in 2021

The Instagram highlight is a superb tool on your profile that showcases essential information in a convenient spot. Once we first find a new Instagram page, we usually head to their profile to see what they give the audience.

15. Improve your profile

Take advantage of your Instagram highlights with something you realize the audience will look for. It may their current sale or special highlight. Take a look at the things that the restaurant MeeT is doing:

Instagram highlights -Instagram best practices in 2021

Source: @meetonmain

By including essential information such as weekly specials, featured art, cocktail menus, and job postings, users can simply interact with the page and become quickly informed.

Instagram bio best practices in 2021

Your Instagram bio is a superb sneak peek at what to expect from your brand. With 150 characters or less and a profile photo, this provides little space for large-scale information.

16. Keep it simple

Keeping your bio basic seems to be an effective trend among massive brands. Don’t be afraid to change it up by announcing sales, news, or other features when timely, though.

You should also include your website or a featured link to get users exploring more about you.

17. Have fun

Think of a quick, witty, and fun message to shout out your brand’s message. This is the place to let everybody know who you are, what you do, and what makes you stand out.

18. Get verified

To get more credibility to your name, think about getting that blue check and making use of it for Instagram verification. Instagram verification goes a long way in helping your business account seem more professional. Discover how you can get verified.

Instagram ads best practices in 2021

The most effective way to help more people know about your brand is to run a paid advertisement. Instagram ads are a user-friendly way to show your brand to a new audience.

19. Put your best content forward

It’s no secret that stunning content engages audiences. Who doesn’t love a cute cat or breathtaking scenery? Think about investing more time in your advertising content, as this turns into the gateway and often the first impression for your audience.

Spotify limited time offer - Instagram best practices in 2021

Source: @spotify

This advertisement by Spotify showcases one thing unique and different. By attaching the easy sign-up link, it provides users a quick method to start using their product.

Short videos and well-curated images often do the trick, keep in mind: high quality is essential.

20. Try an influencer partnership

With online media, comes new types of advertising. Influencer partnerships can help build credibility and engage new audiences. Consider influencer partnerships in the same way that you’d try something a friend recommended. Influencers can fill the gap between brands and consumers.

Allow an influencer to do an Instagram takeover, allow them to host a giveaway, or interview them.

21. Create a giveaway or contest

Giveaways and contests are an excellent, often low-cost advertising method used by brands to grow their audience.

Think of a follow and tag your friend’s contest as if you were getting a suggestion from a friend. The goal with this kind of advertising technique is that your community of followers is doing the work to search out more people who might like your product. If the prize is desirable enough, more people will be excited to join the game.

A good way to celebrate your audience growth is to plan ahead contests and giveaways when you hit new milestones. Think: “1,000 followers giveaway!” this is a great way to show how excited you are when people support your brand.

Pro tip: Advertising doesn’t have to blow your budget. Keep it high quality, engaging and fun!

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