Instagram Creators Who Challenge the Status Quo

challenge status quo

After a year that challenged all the normal and possible things, a brand new marketing campaign from Instagram denounces “going back to normal” because normal was never good enough. It’s a long process of progress, optimism, and reinvention as we look back on this previous year, inspiring people with the message that “Who We Become is Yours to Make”. Here are some Instagram creators who challenge the status quo this year. Let’s reward them!

Photographer @Bella_Newman shot culture-defining creators for a collection of portraits inspired by their stories. Instagram will unveil these portraits in culturally and contextually related areas, sparking conversation throughout the country to encourage the next generation to explore for themselves and determine who they will be.

Featured Creators:

High school students:

A collective of fresh graduates that signify the next wave of students, artists, and residents will public at Madison Square Garden in New York City and LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.

High school students sitting on staircase - challenge status quo

@Celestial_Investments, (Emily Barker, they/them)

Emily is fighting for a world that’s livable and inclusive for individuals with disabilities. Her declaration about social justice will appear across from government buildings in Washington, DC, where they shape the policy.

@QueerBrownVegan, (Isaias Hernandez, he/they)

Isaias is an Environmental Educator, who is urging that collective effort can result in a bigger effect for a sustainable world. His movement is performed at Downtown San Francisco’s 4th/King Train Station, a main transportation hub for the San Francisco Bay Area.

challenge status quo

@FatsDaBarber, (Aaron Turk, he/him)

Aaron is a web personality and comedian barber who’s sharing his relatable humor on the historic Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

@Nadirah.P, (Nadirah Pierre, she/her)

Nadirah is a Muslim comedian that shows a new era of comedians. Her distinctive comedy is performed in Kansas City, a city with a rising population of Muslims.

challenge status quo

@Virghoe_xoxo, (Amanda Quach, she/her)

Amanda is a body-positive creator. See her distinctive, stylish flare in one of the largest shopping areas within the country. It’s Fifth Avenue in New York City.

@DeeAlvarado, (Diana Yesenia Alvarado, she/her)

Diana is an artist whose one-of-a-kind sculpture work describes childhood memories of growing up in a LatinX neighborhood. Her show is in Downtown Chicago, an area with a large Hispanic population.

challenge status quo

@BlackSand.Surf, (including Gage M. Crismond, Tre’lan Michael, Brick – he/him)

Black Sand Surf is changing the world’s perception of what a surfer ought to look like by fostering a community that’s inclusive of all people. See them performed at the epicenter of surf culture in Huntington Beach, CA, near Los Angeles.

@Alpha.Trans, (Mack Beggs, he/him)

Mack, an outstanding trans-wrestler, is utilizing his platform to be an ally and celebrate all people. He’ll take over billboards throughout downtown Atlanta, home to a few of the most essential conversations around trans athlete’s rights.

challenge status quo
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