Instagram Expands Sharing Links in Stories to All Users

Instagram sharing links

Instagram has expanded the ability to add links in Stories to all accounts on this platform. Over the years, businesses, creators, and influencers have shown how they inspire their communities by sharing helpful resources and information. From organizing and educating around equity, social justice, and mental health information to introducing new products to customers, Instagram sharing links in Stories are essential in many ways. Now, Instagram gives access to all of its users, whether you have more than 10,000 followers or not.

Let’s explore more information about Instagram sharing links in Stories in this guide.

Equity, Expression, and Enablement

When Instagram first launched Stories links, just verified accounts or those who have a certain number of followers have access to this feature. Many Instagram users show that they also want to share useful things with their friends and family. Instagram finally realized it. So, whatever you are into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping you now can share in your Stories – no matter how many followers you have.

Instagram is inspired by the change-makers on this platform and people who want to share their passion through links and earn money. They launched new methods for creators and businesses to grow their reach and engage more with their community and make their living on this platform. And Instagram will support them with access to sharing links in Stories.

How to Add Links to Your Stories

You can use the link sticker to add sharing links to your Instagram Stories. When people tap on this sticker, it will lead you directly to the information that you need.

Follow these steps to add a link sticker:

  • Upload content that you want to share to your story
  • Choose the sticker icon from the top navigation bar
  • Choose the “Link” sticker then add your desired link, tap “Done”
  • Add the sticker on your story — like other kinds of stickers — and tap on the sticker to change the color

Instagram is also working on new methods to customize the sticker. So, it’s clearer for people to know what they will see when they enter the link.

Instagram sharing links

Keeping Instagram Safe

As a part of Instagram’s efforts to limit harmful content on this platform, new accounts and accounts that repeatedly share things like saying hate words and content that violates our Community Guidelines will not have access to the Link sticker. To learn more about these rules, you can visit Instagram Community Guidelines. And take a look at this article to know more about your account status and Instagram will notify you when Instagram outages or any problems are happening.

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