Incredible Instagram Hashtag Tracker Tools (2/2)

Last Updated on November 2nd, 2020 at 11:56 am

instagram hashtag tracker tools

Keep reading to know more Instagram hashtag tracker tools that help you measure your success of using Instagram hashtags.

Unfiltered Feedback

instagram hashtag tracker tools

Many brand mentions are unfiltered mini-reviews of a product – some positive, some negative, virtually all valuable for company reflection, product development, and customer service improvement. Firms can use them to continuously improve how their organization operates.
You may cringe when a dissatisfied customer writes a scathing review on Yelp or publicly disses your service on Facebook, but it can be valuable feedback. You shouldn’t automatically put up the shutters and dismiss it as unwarranted.

Of course, not all negative brand mentions are fair. They are merely somebody’s opinion, after all. But it is nonetheless useful feedback of at least one person’s opinion.

Know Your Customers

One of the greatest benefits of monitoring brand mentions is that it helps brands better understand their customers. It is often useful to break your data down by demographics such as general age, gender, location, language, professions, and interests. Different demographic groups are likely to have differing views of your product. For every pensioner complaining about the loud noise coming from a concert, you will find young people raving about the quality of the music played.

Therefore, some brand mentions will be more relevant to you than others. Snapchat will probably be unconcerned whenever they here an “old person” (i.e., over 30) complaining online that they can’t understand who would be interested in disappearing photo messages. However, they probably listened carefully when their typical customers complained about their new interface a while back.

If you know your customers and how they perceive your brand, you can act to improve the situation. If a problem has been expressed vis social media, it makes sense for brands to try and resolve any issue there too. Social media is one of the easiest ways to change brand perception.
Another reason to know your customers is that it makes it much easier to go where they are. If your customers spend time on Twitter, you should be visible there too. If you are into fashion or beauty, then it is a no-brainer that you should have a professional well-presented Instagram account, easily visible to all you deal with. It is much easier to monitor conversations about your brand if you are part of them, or at least aware of them.

Too Many Companies Ignore Customer Feedback

According to research carried out by Maritz and Evolve24, more than 70% of companies ignore complaints on Twitter. Twitter may not have the reach of Facebook or Instagram now, but it is still a major social network, with large numbers of people viewing each tweet. Yet most companies simply ignore complaints they receive on the medium – indeed unless they use social monitoring software they probably never know of their existence.

Another interesting statistic from that survey is that 83% of the complainants that received a reply liked or loved the fact that the company responded. It often doesn’t take much to resolve an issue, often a mere recognition that there could be a problem is enough.

How do You Monitor Brand Mentions?

You first need to consider what terms you are going to want to monitor. Ideally, this should be more than just your company name. You should consider monitoring any:

  • Branded keywords and common variations (e.g., Apple, iPhone, iPad, MacBook)
  • Product names (e.g., iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini)
  • Campaign names (e.g., Shot on iPhone)
  • Industry-specific keywords (e.g., 5G, international roaming)
  • Product features and functions (e.g., iCloud, Siri)
  • Competitor keywords (e.g., Android, Samsung)
  • C-Suite and brand public figures (e.g., Tim Cook, Steve Jobs)

You can begin your brand monitoring process by using Google Alerts. Each day Google will send you an email alerting you to cases where websites have mentioned your brand. Google Alerts will only send you a small subset of your brand mentions, however. There can also be quite a time lag between the mention and the reference to it appearing in your inbox. But it is free, of course.

There is a range of paid tools you can use for more detailed and comprehensive brand monitoring. These include:

  1. Brandwatch
  2. BrandMentions
  3. Meltwater
  4. NetBase
  5. Brand24
  6. Digimind Social
  7. Synthesio
  8. Cyfe
  9. Keyhole
  10. Mention
  11. Awario
  12. Reputology
  13. ReviewInc
  14. 76Insights
  15. Sprinklr

We also now provide our own free Instagram hashtag tracker tools to help you keep track of your online brand mentions.

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