Instagram Helps Manage Mental Health at Work (2/2)

Instagram helps mental health

Keep reading to know more about how Instagram helps users manage their mental health at work and at home.

#5: Delete Multiple Comments in One Go

As a social media manager, protecting your community from negative interactions is an important part of your job.

And while Instagram encourages users to have open and honest conversations on social media, trolling doesn’t serve anyone.

That’s why Instagram created the option to mass delete comments.

With this tool, if you find comments that are heading into troll territory, or go against Instagram’s community guidelines, you can quickly delete them and move on.

Instagram Pinned comments- Instagram helps mental health

You can also leverage Instagram’s pinned comments feature to let you moderate.

Pinning testimonials, engagement-starters, or a FAQ with your response can help combat spam or trolls as Instagram will push them further down in the comments.

Remember that deleting comments asking for accountability is different than deleting hateful comments.

Responding to the former gives you the chance to illustrate transparency, reaffirm your values, and humanize your business.

#6: Decide Who Can Mention or Tag You 

You can now select who’s allowed to mention or tag you in comments, captions, Stories, and Live broadcasts.

How to Create a More Mindful Instagram Space

Instagram launched this feature as an effort to against online bullying on the platform. They found out that users can use tags and mentions in a negative way.

“We’ve seen that people may use tags and mentions to target or bully others, so we’re rolling out new controls that help you manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram.”

You can allow mentions and tags from “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” or “No One.”

#7: Restrict Hateful Accounts 

If there’s an account that is bringing negative or spammy vibes to your comments and DMs (but you don’t want to use the block button) you can use the Restrict tool.

After restricting an account, comments on your posts from that person require your approval before anyone can see them. Instagram will also send their messages to a different inbox, so you can manage them separately.

How to Create a More Mindful Instagram Space - Instagram helps mental health

How is restricting an account different from blocking one completely?

In an interview with NPR, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri explained that after speaking with teenagers, they found two things:

  • Blocking a bully may escalate the situation.
  • You can’t see what the person is saying or control what’s happening once you block a bully.

If you do want to block someone, just follow the steps as you would restrict an account instead of tapping “Block”.

And to take it a step further, Instagram launched a new feature that helps to preemptively block any new accounts that a person creates — so once someone is blocked, they’re blocked for good.

How to Create a More Mindful Instagram Space - Instagram helps mental health

#8: Unfollow (or Mute) Accounts That Ruin Your Experience 

As someone who uses social media for work, you likely have more than one Instagram account — those you manage and your personal account.

This may double the amount of time you’re spending online. So, it’s essential to be mindful of the content you’re consuming.

Do a quick audit of who you’re following: Do they bring you values? Are you getting caught up in comparison?

Curate your social media feed full of great accounts and people. They inspire you, teach you something new, make you laugh, and most importantly — make you feel good.

If you don’t want to unfollow someone because of work obligations, use the mute button to build a better space without losing the connection.

These eight tools allow you to create a more mindful digital space. However, it’s important to do daily (or weekly) check-ins with yourself too.

Setting boundaries, taking screen breaks, and seeking support when you need it are all steps Instagram helps manage your mental health at work and at home

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