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#6: Greatest Time to Post

Discovering your greatest time to post is an effective way to reach your viewers when they’re most likely to engage with your content. Once they’re half asleep, or extra focused on one thing else.

For those who’re uncertain of where to start out, we analyzed over 35M feed posts (excluding Reels and IGTV) to find the average best times to post for each day of the week.

In fact, each account shall be slightly different depending on your corporation and your viewers. It’s good to use this information as a starting point. 

#7: Growth

Keeping tabs in your profile growth has all the time been essential. However, thanks to Instagram’s “adopted” and “unfollowed” metrics, you may see precisely how many followers you gain and lose each day.

Having this stage of perception is tremendous useful for understanding what content helps to develop your followers, and what content leads to a spate of unfollows.

For instance, in case you discover a spike in unfollow activity after sharing a feed post, it might be a strong indication that the post was a miss with your viewers — and one thing to take note of in your future content plan.

That being said, don’t get too hung up over your follower count. Followers can fluctuate because of numerous causes, and ultimately, having a smaller but more engaged viewers is commonly more valuable.

An engaged viewers is much more likely to rep your model, buy your merchandise, give helpful suggestions, and share posts with their friends and family.

#8: Traffic

There are a lot of methods to drive traffic from Instagram — from Instagram Stories links to the link in your bio.

With Instagram Insights, you may monitor exactly how many clicks your website and Instagram Stories link stickers get. You should utilize it to know what motivates your viewers.

TIP: Add UTM parameters to your stories link to track sales from stories traffic utilizing your chosen web analytics program (such as Google Analytics).

This can be a nice approach to understand not only how much traffic your content drives, but what converts into actual sales.

Similarly, it’s a good suggestion to maintain tabs on what generates clicks in your hyperlink in bio touchdown web page.

#9: Saves

Instagram saves are a helpful metric that manufacturers are taking stock.

With Instagram saves, customers can collect and save a post for later, simply by tapping the “bookmark” icon within the bottom right corner of an Instagram post:

Instagram metrics track

By tracking the variety of saves your posts receive over time, you may perceive what content prompts the highest variety of saves and use this to tell your future technique.

SAVE-BOOSTING TIP: Consider the kind of content that your viewers could be prone to save as a reference to come back to, such as motivational quotes, or carousel posts with ideas or educational resources.


Shares are the name of the game when it comes to getting extra eyeballs on your content!

Simply put, shared content signifies how many times a post was sent to another person via Instagram. That’s a very telling metric.

So by keeping a close eye on what content is being shared with other customers you may have a better sense of what’s maintaining your viewers actively engaged.

Instagram metrics track

NOTE: Because of privacy restrictions, this information is not available for European customers.

By understanding what motivates your viewers, you may tailor your content plan round this — and capitalize on big click opportunities.

Jumping into the deep end of analytics could be overwhelming. However, if focus on these 10 Instagram metrics to track, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and grow your community.

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