19 Instagram Post Ideas for Christmas Campaigns (1/2)

Christmas post ideas

Instagram and other social media platforms have over 3.484 billion users. This roughly translates into about 40% of the world’s population. This makes it an amazing spot for marketing your brand and products. Additionally, Christmas Holiday sales are expected to reach the $1 trillion mark this year in the US only. People often look at Instagram for purchasing tips and sales. You can use this to your advantage to market your brand and boost your sales rate. Here are some Christmas post ideas that you can use to promote your brand and get customers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

1. Christmas Ideas

One of the best ways of promoting your products on Instagram is by posting a list of Christmas ideas. Come up with a long list of easy-to-implement ideas for Christmas and cleverly promote your brand through those ideas. If you are running a B2B business, you could post a list of Christmas ideas for offices as well.

2. How-to Posts

How-to posts can get instant engagement on Instagram. People love to decorate their homes all by themselves, and by posting helpful content, you’ll be able to catch people’s attention. Show your followers the way they can make Christmas decorations from scratch, innovatively wrap gifts, so on.

3. Recipes

People prepare all types of different and delicious dishes during Christmas to celebrate the holidays. You can tap into these audiences to generate engagement by writing posts about recipes. Even in case, your business isn’t related to food, it can help boost your engagement.

Additionally, you can put up a call-to-action at the end of the posts encouraging your followers to share their Christmas recipes. This can generate significant engagement on your posts.

4. Gift Ideas

Shoppers always look for gift ideas for the holidays, and many of them turn to Instagram for ideas. You can reach out to these shoppers by publishing posts on gifting ideas and add your products to the list. This can help to get you valuable traffic and generate sales too.

For example, BuzzFeed Ladylike posted a list that showed things people are buying on Amazon during the holidays.

Christmas post ideas

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5. Safety Tips

Holidays also mean tons of celebrations, including firecrackers, candles, sparklers, and more. As people handle all of these materials throughout the holidays, you can show followers that your brand cares about their safety. This can be done through Christmas post ideas on Instagram about safety tips.

6. Photo Tips

During the holidays, people often gather with their close ones and celebrate. They’ll be naturally interested in these moments captured in the form of photos and videos. You can create posts on photography tips that can encourage them to click memorable shots that are visually stunning too.

To make things even more interesting, you could make photo contests and ask people to post their photos and tag your brand. Those pictures with the most likes can be declared the winners, and you can send them some gifts. This can help generate buzz on Instagram, and you can increase your sales through this.

7. Playlists

One of the best ways of boosting engagement is through audio and video content. You could create playlists of Christmas songs on YouTube and share it with your subscribers. Through the video, you also can boost your brand awareness.

8. Holiday Videos

You can come up with holiday-themed videos and post them on your social media profiles. Even when you’re just making a video of your product, you could base it around the holiday theme and attract more people to put their eyes on it.

9. Personalised Greetings

One of the best ways of having an impact on the minds of your followers is through personalized greetings. You could either send images or create personalized videos to greet your followers. This will make them feel that your brand cares about them. Some of them may even explore your products and purchase from you.

10. Countdowns

Countdowns can work wonders on Instagram. They can be catchy, and people may keep coming back to your profile to view the countdown daily. You can upload several images or videos each day of the countdown and catch the attention of your audiences.

To make things even better, you can create daily competitions as a part of the countdown to Christmas. All those who’re interested in getting gifts will surely react to your posts, and this can help you expand your reach and engagement.

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