19 Instagram Post Ideas for Christmas Campaigns (2/2)

Instagram post ideas for Christmas

Here are more and more Instagram post ideas for Christmas. Keep exploring!

11. Memes

When we’re talking about Instagram, we can’t avoid memes. Tons of memes are shared daily on Instagram, and they usually generate a lot of buzzes. You can start making holiday-themed memes and share them via your Instagram accounts. The timeliness of the memes will help them increase traction, and you can generate significant engagement through them.

12. Creative Caption Contest

You can post a photo or video related to Christmas and encourage your followers to give an appropriate caption to it. Choose the perfect captions and reward them with goodies. This will help generate tons of engagement in the form of comments. Through this, you can reach a wider range of audiences as well.

13. Wish Come True Contest

People have all kinds of wishes during the holidays. You can host a contest around these wishes and ask your followers to write their wishes in the comment section of your post. From those, you can pick out the lucky ones and give them things they wished for.

You can make the contest very specific by asking your followers to wish for one of your products.

14. Holiday Stories 

You can share your holiday stories through posts on Instagram. At the end of these posts, you can add a call-to-action that encourages your followers to share their holiday stories as well.

15. Quizzes

Quizzes can not only be fun but can also be an effective way of generating engagement on your Instagram profiles. You can ask questions related to Christmas and give gifts to audiences who get the right answers.

For instance, The Key Safe Company launched a contest where their followers had to answer the question correctly to win a hamper.

Instagram post ideas for Christmas

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While designing these quizzes, do remember that the questions shouldn’t be difficult. The goal of the quizzes must be to engage more and not to test the knowledge of your followers.

16. Polls

You can post polls on Instagram. In them, you can ask easy questions related to Christmas and ask your followers to vote which one they prefer. You could even ask them questions about what they want your brand to do on Instagram during the holidays.

This way, you’ll be able to generate a lot of engagement on these posts. Additionally, their input on what they want your brand to do will help you craft your marketing strategy during those days as well. This, in turn, will help increase your sales.

17. Influencer Collaborations 

One of the best types of Instagram post ideas for Christmas are ones involving influencers. These posts typically get a higher response rate as you’ll get access to your influencer’s audience, as well. You can collaborate with influencers and make content related to Christmas with them.

You can create videos with them talking about their Christmas plans and subtly promote your products through them. Alternatively, you could make an Instagram take over and let them use your account for a day and post content to generate engagement. You can even ask them to create posts related to Christmas and promote your products via these posts. This can get you significant engagement and sales.

18. Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are great forms of Instagram post ideas for Christmas. You can conduct interviews with popular people in your niche and upload them to your accounts. Base the interviews around the way they want to celebrate Christmas and give a personal touch to them. This can help you catch the attention of your audiences.

19. Hacks and Tricks 

Everyone loves tricks and hacks that can help them complete their tasks with ease and with finesse. You can come up with posts on various Christmas tips and put them up on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the kinds of posts that you put up. You can make videos, explain the hacks through podcasts, or even post images and infographics.

Final Thoughts 

The holidays are almost upon us, and if you haven’t started planning your social media strategy and calendar, it’s the right time for you to begin. Come up with unique and creative ideas for your Instagram posts to generate engagement. Host contests and quizzes related to Christmas.

Make informational videos with DIY tips, hacks, and more. Collab with the top Instagram influencers and create high-quality content with them. Use polls and memes to generate even more engagement. Incorporate the ideas mentioned above in your Instagram strategy and drive more engagement and sales this Christmas season!

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