The Complete Guide About Instagram Reels Ads (1/2)

Instagram reels ads

As the popularity of Instagram Reels continues to go up, so does its potential as an advertising and marketing tool. Fans of the TikTok-inspired format will be excited to know that Instagram now allows you to take advantage of Instagram Reels ads.

Instagram launched Reels globally in 2020. They are short videos in 15 to 30 seconds that are shown within the Reels tab of an Instagram profile and Explore. They’re a highly engaging content form that could gain more followers for your business.

Instagram recently launched Instagram Reels ads, which means your business can now use this format in a new method to reach their targeted audience.

Here, we’ll explain:

  • What Instagram Reels ads are
  • The way to set up Instagram Reels ads
  • How to use Reels on Instagram to promote your product and service

What are Instagram Reels ads?

Instagram Reels ads are a totally new place for ads on this platform. In a nutshell, using Instagram Reels ads is one more method for businesses to advertise on this platform. (And there are plenty — check out here.)

This advertising type launched globally in mid-June 2021 after being tested in a couple of select countries, including Brazil and Australia.

According to Instagram, “Reels is now the most effective place on the platform to engage with people who haven’t follow you and a rising global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone. These ads will allow businesses to reach greater audiences, let people find inspiring new content from brands and creators.”

Instagram Reels ads look so much like Instagram Stories ads. They are shown as full-screen and vertical videos, take a look at this Instagram Reels ad instance from Superstore, a Canadian supermarket chain:

Real Canadian Superstore Instagram Stories ad - Instagram reels ads

And like Instagram Stories ads, Instagram Reels ads show up between non-sponsored Reels that users are scrolling through.

Additionally notice that Instagram Reels ads:

  • Will loop
  • Users can comment, share, save, and like

Like all ads, Reels ads will be marked as sponsored.

Where will my Reels ads be displayed?

There are a couple of different ways users can be served your Reels ads, including:

  1. In the Reels tab, accessible through the home screen
  2. On the Explore page
  3. In their feed

Instagram Reels ads appear in the same part of the app where users discover organic Reels content. It’s a great opportunity for brands to be creative and catch their audiences’ attention once they’re scrolling through similar content.

The way to set up an Instagram Reels ad

Now that you understand what this new ad format is, it’s time to learn how to set up an Instagram Reels ad. If you already work as an Instagram Ads Manager, the process is a breeze.

Step 1: Create the ad

Start by putting the artistic together. This means creating your video and ensuring it’s the right size. During this stage, you also need to write your copy and captions and decide on hashtags.

Get creative! Organic Reels are often together with music or viral sound clips. They’re most of the time funny or quirky. If it’s right for your brand, choose a popular audio clip that works with the ad to fit in with the other, non-sponsored Reels users are viewing.

Step 2: Navigate to Ads Manager

Ensure your company has an Instagram business account. You’ll be sure to have access to Ads Manager.

Click Create.

Step 3: Select your advertising goal

What’s your business’s purpose in running an ad on Instagram Reels? There are a number of options available, but ensure to pick a goal that is specific to Reels:

reels advertising objective - Instagram reels ads

Source: Facebook for Business

Six advertising goal objectives for the Reels ad placement:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Reach
  3. Traffic
  4. App installs
  5. Video views
  6. Conversions

Step 4: Fill out all the details of the ad campaign

That includes essential advertising details like your budget, the schedule, and the target audience.

ad campaign details audience definition

Source: Facebook

Step 5: Place the ad

Select Manual Placements. Next, navigate to the dropdown next to Stories. Choose Instagram Reels for your ad to look like an Instagram Reels ad.

Step 6: Customize your call to action

You decide how to encourage viewers to act. Here are some ideas for you to customize the CTA on the button:

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Click Here

And that’s it! Your Instagram Reels ad is ready. After Instagram reviews and accepts it, the ad will appear publicly.

Spruce recycling call to action ad - Instagram reels ads

Source: Facebook for Business

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