Instagram Reels: A Complete Guide to Download (1/2)

instagram reels guide

If you maintain a presence on Instagram Reels and multiple social media platforms, you know how hard it’s to keep up with content creation for all of those platforms. Once you pay attention to short-form video content, it can be time-consuming and tiring to create enough of that content to go around. Fortunately, using your Instagram Reels content on different social media platforms isn’t hard. In this Instagram Reels guide, we’re going to show you the way to download Instagram Reels on Android or iOS, through screen recording, or using software known as Kapwing.

Why is this essential? Well, if you download your own Instagram Reels, you’ll realize that the sound is removed. Plus, you can’t download Reels that are shared by other users at all. With this article, though, you’ll discover ways to download Instagram Reels with the original sound.

Of course, understanding how to download Instagram Reels is only part of the equation, though. That’s the reason why we’re also going to share three ways you can repose your Instagram Reels to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Let’s read this Instagram Reels guide to know more!

What Is Instagram Reels?

instagram reels guide

Not sure what Instagram Reels really is? Instagram Reels is a brand new Instagram feature (not a standalone app) built to be a TikTok competitor. Users can create 15-second video clips set to music and share them with their Instagram Stories, the Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on their profile. The function is available in India, Brasil, the United States, and about 50 different countries.

The Explore Feed is the other version for Instagram Reels of TikTok’s For You page. On the Explore Feed, you can find Reels from Instagram’s popular and trending accounts. You’ll discover Instagram Reels from people you follow alongside traditional Instagram posts in your newsfeed.

The Instagram Reels algorithm is a bit of a mystery as of yet. However, if it follows the Instagram algorithm, there are some assumptions we can make. TikTok’s For You page is algorithmically generated based on the way TikTok’s customers are engaging with videos and it does an eerily nice job of pushing content to users based on their interests and activity on the app. TikTok starts by pushing out new content material to a pattern of customers, pushing it out to extra customers if the response is constructive. This makes it relatively simple for creators to go viral on TikTok but also makes it much more likely that the virality cycles quickly.

Instagram’s algorithm is a little different, giving priority to content depending on the accounts you follow and engage with most. So, if Reels uses that same algorithm, well, boring.

Fortunately, Instagram’s VP of Product, Vishal Shah, has said that recommendations for Instagram Reels might be different than other Instagram content on the Explore Feed, making it easier for brand new creators and content to be discovered.

The way to Create Reels

Before you can download them, you want to know how to create Instagram Reels. Here’s a quick rundown.

Start by selecting Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Here, you’ll see a wide range of editing tools on the left side of your screen to help create your reel.


You may search for songs in the Instagram music library or use your own original audio by recording a reel with sound. If you share a reel using your own original audio, that audio might be attributed to you. If you have a public account, though, other users can make reels using your audio by tapping “Use Audio” from your reel.


instagram reels guide

The effect gallery consists of effects created both by Instagram and by creators worldwide.

Timer and Countdown

To record handsfree, just set the timer to record. Once you press the record, you’ll get a countdown from three before the recording begins.


If you’re using a number of clips, you can use the Align function to line up objects from your previous clip before recording your next. This helps customers create seamless transitions for those enjoyable outfit changes or so you can add new components into your reel.


instagram reels guide

You possibly can speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio you chose. This is great for staying on a beat or making slow-motion videos.

Ready to share your creation on Instagram and your different social media platforms? Not so fast. While TikTok made it pretty simple to download and share videos, Instagram Reels isn’t as easy.

Guide on How to Save Instagram Reels In the App

Here are the steps to save Instagram Reels within the Instagram app.

Start by opening Instagram and choosing the search button. From there, you’ll open the Reels video you want to download.

You may also do this from a user’s profile. Just tap the brand new Reels tab next to the IGTV tab and select the Reels video you wish to download to open it.

instagram reels guide

Once you have the Reel open, tap the three-dots icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Save.

instagram reels guide

To access the saved reel, return to the Instagram home screen and tap your profile icon > the hamburger menu icon > Settings > Account > Saved. Here you’ll discover your saved videos in the All Posts folder.

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