5 Successful Instagram Story Ads Examples

Instagram Story Ads Examples

With half a billion people using Instagram Stories every single day, the stat shows that Stories are an important feature for brands. Luckily, Instagram opens story ads for all business accounts. That’s mean your brand’s stories have a better chance to appear among organic stories posted by Instagram users even if they don’t follow you. Are you wondering how a successful Instagram Story Ads looks? Are you finding some inspiration for your Instagram Story ads? We have worked incredibly hard to gather some examples. Let’s get started with 5 successful Instagram Story Ads Examples right here!

1.  Waterdrop: A campaign that generated a 24% increase in sales

Instagram Story Ads Examples

Waterdrop is a brand that uses fruit and plant extracts to enriches water that can assist you to drink more, used Instagram Stories ads to generate a 24% increase in sales (compared to the previous month).

The brand designed creatively the ads with 16:9 size for this campaign that completely fits Instagram Stories. With a short video ad from the star’s perspective as she held a Waterdrop bottle of water and walked through a city. That’s exactly what a user would expect from Stories.

Especially, the video gave us a feeling that it just a post from our friend. It didn’t instantly look like an ad. Not many brands can do this honestly.

The campaign brought Waterdrop 1.8 million people within 10 days and helped Waterdrop to increase its web traffic by 8.4x.

2. Morhipo: 45% lower cost per customer with Stories ads

Instagram Story Ads Examples

Morhipo is a fashion brand. Before they determined to try Story Ads, they archived success in both Facebook and Instagram ads. Let’s see whether the new campaign could increase sales.

Morhipo uses an image to test out Stories ads. They created full-screen content particularly for Stories (16:9) and then ran these ads against ads in the Instagram feed. From this test, the brand saw a big dip (45%) in cost per acquisition with Stories when compared to the cost per acquisition from the Instagram feed.

Hence, you clearly should always be looking to test and plan with new creative and placements for your campaigns on Instagram.

3. paysafecard: Boosting brand searches using Stories Ads

PaySafeCard Instagram Stories Ad

If you’re not a clothing or domestic brand, it doesn’t matter. Story Ads are still helpful for you. See what Paysafecard – a pre-payment card business – got when they ran this kind of campaign.

Paysafecard wanted to target gamer audiences to build awareness. To grab their attention, the campaign needed to be relatable and creative. Here’s how the brand achieved those targets:

  • Creative: A meme format was made for this story ad with an animation of a Paysafecard inside an emergency box with the content “In case of Steam Sale Break Glass.”
  • Relatable: Steam is a famous brand amongst Paysafecard’s gamer audiences. Understanding that lots of its audience likely use Steam to play games, the inclusion of the Steam name and logo made the ads feel instantly relatable.

The campaign led to 6,000 internet searches for a sales outlet Paysafecard and it saw a 76% lower cost per conversion with ads in Instagram Stories vs other ad formats.

4. Freshly Cosmetics: Increasing web traffic by 12x

Instagram Story Ads Examples

This campaign from Freshly Cosmetics aimed to drive more traffic for its website then convert visitors to leads.

The campaign used native Instagram text features to clarify how the products work, and by using these features, the text felt familiar to many Instagram Stories users. Different from others, the advert wisely opened up with a question asking viewers to share their thoughts and experiences with Freshly Cosmetics. This help Freshly Comestics could also increase engagement.

Targeting people in Spain, the campaign was extremely successful for the brand as it boosted website traffic by 12x, leading to a 9x sales increase.

5. Mainline Menswear: Reaching 1.3 million people

Mainline Menswear Instagram Stories Ad

When Mainline Menswear wanted to get its brand famous, it determined to use an Instagram Stories ad campaign that led to a 21-point increase of unaided brand awareness (the percentage of respondents aware of your brand, product, or advertising when surveyed).

This new decision gave Mainline Menswear the chance to showcase its various products with its branding also featured heavily throughout the videos. Each ad also included a link where viewers could find more about the brand from its website.

Thanks to this campaign, Mainline Menswear reach more than 1.3 million people as well as boosting brand recognition and recall.

Above, we listed some legendary Instagram Story Ads Examples that will inspire your future campaigns. Remember to add Instagram Story Ads to your plan!

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