Instagram Swipe Up: How to Get and Use It (2/2)

instagram swipe up practices

Keep reading to know more about Instagram Swipe Up Practices to get more advantages.

Instagram Swipe Up Best Practices

Now you have a couple of different ways to add the Swipe Up choice to your Instagram Stories. Here are some Instagram Swipe Up best practices that you can get more inspiration and follow to improve your Instagram engagement.

Post a Teaser on Your Main Feed

Some people don’t pay attention to Instagram Stories. To be sure that your followers aren’t missing your Story, make a post about it and share it on your main feed. By posting a preview or teaser on your main feed you can create interest and curiosity, not to mention building a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) since Stories are only out there for 24 hours unless you save them to a highlight.

Save Your Story as a Highlight

Highlights are great for driving traffic, too. Instead of disappearing after 24 hours, highlights stick around. That means your followers can continue to access your story and comply with your calls to action to boost your engagement, conversions, and sales. Highlights show up on your profile just above your common content.

You will get creative with your Highlight cover images, too. Here’s the way to create custom Instagram Highlight covers.

Create Interactive Stories

Interactive content gets engagement. This might mean running a contest or Q&A on Instagram—anything that encourages your followers to take part and share your content. Whenever you give your followers opportunities to engage and interact with your brand, they’re more likely to take a look at your Stories many times for more ways to connect.

In this example from Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer, you’ll be able to swipe up to make a donation to The Bail Project and enter to win a 30-minute Zoom call with Abbi and Ilana:

instagram swipe up practices

How to Use the Instagram Swipe Up Feature to Enhance Engagement

Now that you understand how to get more followers to engage with your Instagram Swipe Up content, let’s talk about the ways you should use this feature to advertise your brand.

Promote Blog Posts and Other Content

To promote your blog post or article, create a graphic, and share it to Instagram Stories. Ensure you have the correct Instagram Story dimensions so you’ll be able to create amazing visuals that are a perfect fit. Your visuals should be related to the blog post you’re promoting. And you’ll need to use colors and fonts that match your brand to encourage brand recognition and improve brand awareness.

Here’s an example from @diversifyvanlife:

They’ve used an eye-catching screen grab of the article and a colorful “swipe up” GIF to direct their followers to an article they know will be helpful for their target audience.

Promote Products

The Instagram Swipe Up feature can also be great for promoting your products. Since Instagram is a visual platform, you’ll want to create eye-catching, high-quality photos of your products and include direct links to specific product pages.

Here’s an example from @fatgirlflow:

instagram swipe up practices

The professional, high-quality picture is of a single product and the post includes text that’s simple to read together with a GIF that says “lovelovelove”. When you use the Swipe Up link, you’re taken to the page particularly for that product.

Pro Tip: You may even use Instagram Shopping to link your products with your Instagram account, letting viewers of your Stories make purchases without leaving the app.

Promote Events

Are you hosting a virtual event and want an enormous turnout? You can use the Swipe Up feature to get followers to register. Just create an Instagram Story using your event graphics and add a link to the event registration page.

Here’s another instance from @diversifyvanlife:

They shared a collection of stories about this event. It’s including a “swipe up to register” CTA that takes viewers directly to the event registration page.

Promote Landing Pages

No matter where you’re linking to you want to get your message seen. Landing pages are particularly useful when you’re trying to get followers to take action. Landing pages are largely transactional. This means that they exist to convert users, either through signing up for something or buying something.

Here’s an instance of an Instagram Story from @techladies promoting a signup page:

instagram swipe up practices

This can be a simple post, however, it grabs attention with the color and emoji. Plus, the extremely colorful and vibrant “swipe up” GIF is attractive that you can not miss.

Promote Videos

Have you recently published new video content on YouTube, IGTV, Facebook, or on your website? You’ll be able to enhance views on that content by sharing the links on your Instagram Stories.

Here’s an instance from Northwestern University sharing their new video about the Northwestern Prison Education Program:

The Swipe Up link takes viewers directly to the NPEP website where they will watch the video right away.

Instagram’s Swipe Up feature makes it simple to cross-promote your content from different social media platforms and marketing channels to your Instagram Stories by simply making a graphic or video on Instagram, adding a link, and publishing.

Promote Podcast Episodes

All people love podcasts nowadays. If you’re a podcast creator, you should definitely start using your Instagram Stories to send viewers to your new podcast episodes.

Chalene Johnson is really a master of this. She posts a brand new podcast every day (mostly business-related, however, she covers wellness, too). And then shares the link in her Instagram Stories:

instagram swipe up practices

Chalene usually uses video or audio to talk about the content of that day’s podcast. However, sometimes she just adds in an image and calls it good. This is one of the advantages of solid brand awareness. Chalene could post a black screen with a link included. And a majority of her followers would swipe up without any context.

Promote Lead Magnets

When you’re trying to grow your email list, leads magnets are an excellent option to encourage people to sign up. You’ll be able to promote your lead magnets by using a Swipe Up link on your Instagram Stories that take viewers to your lead magnet landing page or signup page.

Instagram also has Instagram Story ads that allow you to add a signup form right on the swipe instead of sending users to a landing page off the platform.

Use Instagram Swipe Up to Drive Traffic and Engagement

The Swipe Up feature is an incredibly helpful and valuable tool for Instagram influencers who use it to share their own content, promote affiliate links, share promotional content, and more. For peak eCommerce conversions, you can even add Shoppable Stickers to your Instagram posts!

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to promote, Instagram Swipe Up is a feature you’ll love. And, with the IGTV trick we shared, you’ll be able to still benefit from Instagram’s Swipe Up feature while you’re getting more Instagram followers to hit that magical 10K number.

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