Instagram Trend Predictions in 2022 (2/2)

instagram trend predictions

Keep reading to explore more 5 of Instagram trend predictions in 2022.

Instagram Trend Predictions in 2022

6. Local Targeting Prevalence

Influencer marketing and social platforms continue to provide top priority to local audiences, those that are within the closest vicinity to the shops, outlets, and events: or proximity marketing. Local targeting influencer marketing chooses influencers that can be in a specified geographic location in which a Brand or Company needs to advertise its product. This geographic location often covers an area of their store, event, or delivery reach so that the viewers are those that the Company can reach or vice versa.

The most typical way to target local audiences is to use geo-tag Content. Main platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow customers to geo-tag their content. It will automatically target viewers based on their location. This makes sure that you will get good engagement rates as it excludes out viewers or audiences that are unable to make a purchase or appearance. Statistica shows that location-based marketing investment has seen a steady increase throughout the years. It grows from $12.4 billion to over double the value at $31.5 billion by 2022.

location based marketing


It is prevalent that local targeted marketing plays an important role in influencer marketing, Statista proves this with their forecast of future spendings in this business exceeding the $32 billion mark. Influencers and Brands need to focus-where applicable-on prioritizing their locality for potential customers.

7. Meme Content Marketing

The meme has grown to be a way of quick expression. From 4chan to gag websites like 9gag, they use meme content to entertain, tell a story, share feelings, express an emotion, voice an opinion, and even give recommendations. Nowadays memes have become a very strong and highly effective part of communication between youngsters.

covid meme

The existence of Giphy in chat tools goes to show exactly how many memes are made use of these days and their effectiveness in getting the attention of viewers. Youtuber kings like Pewdiepie, KSI, and Markiplier have a Reddit forum part for memes that they review in their videos, giving the perfect memes Reddit points and free merchandise.

This isn’t simply limited to influencers, large corporations have also utilized memes successfully to push their marketing methods. You may be familiar with Netflix’s “Netflix and chill” meme. A famous meme to describe when you have an intimate time with your partner while watching Netflix. They also took a screencap of Sandra Bullock in Bird Box and create a meme that garnered publicity for it, resulting in tons of people watching the movie. Other brands like Bark Box and Ruffles have also used memes as a tool to gain more reach and engagement; their attempts have succeeded.

memes fail for business - instagram trend predictions

There may be also a risk; misuse of memes or poorly thought methods can backfire notably because of the “flammability” of memes on the internet. McDonald’s tried to share a meme but used the wrong meme format, which rapidly became a source of mockery on them.

mcdonalds meme fail - instagram trend predictions


Marketers ought to start utilizing memes to promote their campaigns in artistic ways. Memes keep having a strong connection with the audience. And if aptly utilized, they can provide a noteworthy ROI because of an almost negligible investment.

8. Podcasting

Podcasting has become a hot trend since many Youtubers have started their podcasts. Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’, LinusTechTips’ ‘The WAN Show’, Joe Rogan’s ‘Experience’. Podcasting has been procuring a steady reputation mainly because of its educational value. Semrush discovered that 75% of podcast listeners tune in to explore new knowledge. One of many driving causes to the flexibility of podcasts is that you can listen to them actively while working, just like music, seeing as the most popular time to listen to a podcast is from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. Content Fatigue has been affecting internet viewership and lots of users just want to give their eyes a break from the screen.

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Podcasting Stats

The number of hours that people use to listen to podcasts has hit a historical margin in 2021, with a total of 15 billion hours in 2021; 3 billion hours greater than it was listened to in 2019. That’s the equivalent of a whopping 1.7 million years of listening time. Podcasts have seen an increase in ad income at over $900 million by the end of 2020, it’s expected to cross the $1.5 billion mark by 2022.

The podcasting has still not come close to its potential. Forbes studied that 54% of listeners were willing to buy after hearing an ad in a podcast. Times reported a total of $36 million in revenue, an increase of $7 million in a single year.

Many other company giants are actively taking over successful podcasts: In July 2020 This American Life was bought by The New York Times and SiriusXM took over SImplecast. Suzanne Grimes, EVP of Marketing at Cumulus Media says, “Manufacturers love podcasting because listeners pay attention to and highly value the content. Lots of brands impact studies from Nielsen and Signal Hill Insights show podcast advertising generates significant lift in brand awareness, favorability, consideration, and buy.”

podcast marketing


Marketers ought to make podcast marketing their top priority as they’ve been generating mind-boggling income. For example, iHeartMedia made $3.68 billion in 2019 and The National Radio made a bit over $283 million in the same year. Direct response advertisements bore 54% of all podcasting income declaring it the most effective podcast advertising campaign. Coming in second place have been brand awareness campaigns marking for 42% of podcast income.

9. Insta Stories And Reels Demand

Two of the most famous Instagram trends this year are Instagram Stories and Reels. Launched in 2016 and 2019 respectively, these features have been used and viewed by many users on the app. With over 500 million day-by-day users, Sproutsocial has reported that brands are behind 33% of the most viewed stories. The stories function is used by 36% of businesses to promote their merchandise. And 93% of US marketers that were surveyed have planned to increase their usage of stories.

instagram reels trend


Instagram Reels have additionally come strong. Just after the launch, the number of downloads of the app has increased by 11% in certain countries. This is followed by an increase of at least more than 3.5% average watch time around the globe. Their success can also be phenomenal, some profiles like the NFL teams have reported an estimated 67% improvement in engagement values with their Reels as opposed to regular video posts.

insatgram stories trend


Influencer marketers and influencers ought to goal these Instagram trend predictions for their skyrocketing performance, ensuring continuous Instagram growth within the coming years.

10. Instagram Shops and Shopping Features

We can see the damage caused by the COVID pandemic on small businesses. So, Instagram launched Insta shops and shopping options near the end of 2020 to help these minor businessmen with increasing sales. This Instagram trend provides customers a direct buy option upon viewing the products on influencers’ and brands’ profiles.

Instagram further created additional e-commerce tools such as story stickers, shoppable posts, shopping from creators, live shopping, and Instagram checkout. Each feature gives a unique way with which users can make a purchase directly or via links.

instagram trend predictions


This Insta trend is a superb opportunity for businesses to turn their followers into customers. Marketers and influencers ought to adopt this new feature to provide strong conversion rates giving them powerful ROIs. This trend is still in its beginning stage. It will become a giant hit in the coming years.

Hope these 10 Instagram trend predictions can give up inspiration for your marketing strategy in the upcoming year.

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