Instagram Updates In 2021 You Might Not Know

Instagram always surprise us with feature updated frequently. In the tumultuous period, it is exciting to see how social media platforms are rapidly developing their function. One of the hottest platforms is Instagram. Instagram updates in 2021 focus on the video and insight field to help you go global easier.

According to our research, Instagram has rolled out four new features from Mar to July in 2021. If you want to know what they are, how they can support your growth, and how you can find these… We ranked the features from the latest one to help you easily follow up. Let’s check it out right below.

Instagram Updates In 2021

Expand Instagram insights

Instagram updates in 2021

This is the good news for Instagram marketers. On July 20th, Instagram announced that it’s doubling the data tracking time with the Instagram Insight function, expanding it from up to 30 days past to 60 days instead.

Hence, you will be now available to analyze the last two months of data at once, and soon, you will view three months of performance data to refer to, providing significantly more capacity to measure your results.

It is always better if we get more data to analyze. It is no doubt that this feature comes in handy for Instagram marketers working to make the best use of the platform.

60s Instagram Reel Length

Instagram updates in 2021

Yes, you read it right. Instagram reel now can be twice longer than in the past.

Initially, Instagram launched Reels with a brief 15-second time cap. Just a month later, Instagram quickly doubled it up to 30s. Maybe Instagram realizes that it’s time for an update again after nearly a year old of Reels. This is also a challenge for TikTok – a big competitor with Reel

While TikTok recently allowed users possible to create videos up to three minutes long. The usefulness of 60-second Reels we can easily find is for creators who want to repost their existing content from the competitor app to gain their following across multiple platforms.

Actually, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t allow to promote content with a TikTok watermark, but expert users have figured out how to use their videos without it.

To make a 60s reel, go to make a new Reel. At the sidebar, tap the 15-icon-button, the length will change among 15s, 30s, or 60s. At this time, not all users have access to 60-second Reels just yet, but it should be available to all creators soon.

Story Translation

Instagram updates in 2021

By the end of Jun, Instagram is adding a new function to automatically translate text in stories. Now, once the service detects a story post contains a foreign language text, it’ll display a “See Translation” option at the upper left of the screen. You could tap that function to catch a translation at the bottom. Instagram announces that this new feature will roll out globally and currently supports over 90 languages to make sharing content with global audiences simpler.

Though the new function now can translate text, Instagram says audio translation isn’t available “at this time.” We know that Instagram introduced automatic captioning for English stories in May, so, the realms of possibility that it might be able to translate audio as well one day. We will update if they did it.

Live Stream Sound Mute/Video Off

Instagram users now coul turn off their audio or video during live stream time.

This new feature for Instagram Live has been globally rolled out to all users on iOS and Android. These features will help to reduce the pressure the hosts might have while using live on Instagram to followers, according to a TechCrunch report. Turning off the audio during Instagram Live serves another purpose of the one speaking to sound clearer to the audience and the other members.

Instagram users will see the option to turn off their video and sound on the screen bottom. You could tap on the microphone icon to mute the audio, and the camera icon to turn off the video. Once your video is off, the video box will demonstrate your display picture. Hosts won’t be able to turn off the video or audio of other participants in the live video. But Instagram says they are working on bringing this feature soon.

We always stay up to date to let you know about new functions on all social media platforms. We hope these Instagram updates in 2021 will help you grow faster on the platform.

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