Instagram Video Ad Changes Marketers Need to Know

instagram video ad

In this article, we’ll talk about some Instagram video ad changes that you should know as marketers, from the new Reels tab on profiles to the demise of in-stream ads.

To prepare yourself for these changes, here are some tips:

The platform would no longer support in-stream ads

In-stream ads were a form of the Instagram video ad. Earlier this year, the social network introduced a dedicated Reels tab in profiles. The decision to end in-stream ads has some marketers speculating that Instagram may be eliminating the format altogether to prepare for the next phase of its evolution.

The move also signals a shift in Instagram’s monetization strategy. Short-form content is more engaging, but it is hard to monetize, as mid-roll ads would not work well for a 30-second clip. By removing in-stream ads, Instagram is shifting towards a more traditional advertising model.

Dedicated reels tab on Instagram

instagram video ad

After Instagram has added a dedicated Reels tab to your Instagram profile for video ads gives your audience a better view of your video content. You can use the editing tools to create a reel. You can also choose the sound from your music library or upload your own. You can also speed up the video for a smoother transition between frames.

How to adjust your Instagram advertising strategy

With this Instagram update, businesses can create and run an eye-catching video ad across multiple places. To boost your advertising strategy, consider running a contest, an eye-catching video ad, or simply creating an appealing video and uploading it. This way, you’ll be able to reach the most number of people and increase conversion rates. Here’s is how to adjust your Instagram strategy:

Run Reels ads on Facebook too

Running Reels ads on Facebook can help you expand your audience beyond the community of people who only use Instagram. Reels are usually up to 30 seconds long and appear between other Reels. Users can comment, view, and save these posts.

Reels ads can often double as Stories ads

Keep in mind that now reel ads can also be used as ads for your stories on Instagram and Facebook. You should also write copy before creating the ad, as Reels ads can often double as Stories ads on Instagram. The time limit for Reels ads is 30 seconds, so be sure to plan your ad accordingly. While Reels ads often double as Stories ads on Instagram, you should still keep in mind that there are no headlines or primary text.

Run an eye-catching video ad across multiple places

In addition to videos you create and upload to Instagram, you should also try running ads on various platforms. It can help you achieve your business objectives and make your ad campaign more efficient.

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