Live Rooms: Engage More on Instagram Live

Live Rooms
Instagram is updating its new features day by day. In this guide, we’re introducing Live Rooms. It provides you the ability to go Live on Instagram with up to three people. In the past, you could go live with only one other person in a stream. However, Instagram is now letting you “double-up” on your live broadcast.

Instagram Live Room showing how to go live with other individuals in app.

They hope that doubling up on Live will gain more creative opportunities. You can begin a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with different artists, host more engaging Q&As or tutorials with your following, or just hang out with more of your friends.

Live Rooms also provides creators even more ways to build a business and earn money. Instagram recently announced that Live viewers could buy badges for his or her favourite creators to point out their love. With Live Rooms, viewers who watch the Live can buy badges for the hosts. They can also make use of other features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers. Instagram offers more interactive tools such as offering moderator controls. And audio features that will be available in some next months.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen people on Instagram embrace Live in numerous ways. In the past year, special events have happened on Live, including informational talks about science and COVID-19 guidelines, interviews with celebrities, and record-breaking rap battles. All types creators — from fitness instructors to musicians, beauty bloggerschefs, and activists, all relied on Live to create moments and bring people together to reach their communities in creative ways. We can’t wait to see what more creativity comes from this highly-requested update.

Your following knows you individually, however what happens when four creators come together? That curiosity is what we need to keep alive. What was special about our Live Rooms stream is that all our different followers had the opportunity to see four of us talk about something we universally love.
Instagram showing how Live Room allows individuals to invite each other

The way it Works

Here are several easy steps to help you start using Live Room.

  1. Swipe left
  2. Choose the Live camera option.
  3. Write a title
  4. Click the Rooms icon to add your guests.

You’ll see people who have requested to go live with you, and you may also search for a guest to add. Once you start a Live Room, you’ll remain at the top of the screen when you add guests. As a broadcaster, you’ll be able to add up to three guests at once or one by one. For instant, people can start a live with two guests, and add another surprise guest as the third participant! Going live with multiple guests is an effective way to increase your reach, as guests’ followers can also be notified.

Being able to have open, face-to-face conversations on Instagram Live has allowed us to connect with our millions of Roommates. We’re excited to make use of Live Rooms to expand our reporting capabilities, interact with our followers, and continue growing our platform.”

Angelica Nwandu, founder of media company @theshaderoom

Instagram Live Room showing how to go live with other individuals in app.

Instagram wants it to be the most effective place for creators to have meaningful conversations with their audiences and each other. And they designed this new update with safety in mind. People that are blocked by any of the active members in the Live Room won’t be able to join the Live. Guests who have had live access revoked because of violations of Instagram Community Guidelines also can not take part in a Live Room. Features that are currently available to Live hosts, such as reporting and blocking comments, and applying comment filters will also be available to hosts of Live Rooms.

This update is a step forward of Instagram in giving creators more ways to reach and interact with their audiences. Instagram Live Rooms will be available for everyone soon.

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