How to Live Stream Music (2/2)

Last Updated on October 7th, 2020 at 11:26 am

How to Live Stream Music (2/2)

Continue to discover why live stream music is the best way to reach your fans online.

6. Think about set design and camera angles

Your set design is yet another alternative to showcase your creativity as an artist.

Nobody needs to see piles of dirty laundry or messy cables piling up in your studio.

Since a live stream is as much visual expertise as it’s about audio, put some thought into how you, your gear, and your studio appear on camera.

Hang up some art, put up curtains, or use a particular filter in your camera to add virtual animations.

Ensure your camera angle is ready up to give a full view of yourself and at least a partial snapshot of your gear or instrument in case you use any.

The gear angle is especially vital in case you make music without vocals, individuals love watching a professional play their instrument.

7. Ideas for capturing better audio

It goes without saying that in case you’re going to carry out live online, it’s essential that you have a good audio quality to your stream.

However, in case you’re a recording artist you have a big benefit over different live streamers!

Chances are you already personal the two key pieces of apparatus that you need–a good quality microphone and an audio interface.

Right here’s the way to put that recording and audio knowledge to use and get good audio in your live stream

Choosing the proper microphone for the job

Your greatest bet is to use a dynamic mic for noisy areas or a condenser in case you have a quieter studio.

Similar to some other time you record audio, you’ll get the perfect results for live streaming in case you keep good headroom as you record.

The solution is to gain staging. If you need to brush up on the headroom and gain staging, check out our guide to setting levels correctly.

As a general rule, preserve the peaks of your waveforms hitting around -9 dBFS and the body of your sounds around -18 dBFS.

Professional streamers usually use gear that’s common within the broadcast industry, especially if they’re recording spoken word.

Some of the most popular choices for this are dynamics like the Shure SM7B or EV RE20.

Hot tip: For those who’re utilizing a dynamic mic like the Shure SM7B ensure to add plenty of gain from your microphone preamp.

Sending audio to your computer

When you’ve picked out the suitable microphone for your needs, it’s time to send audio to the system you’re utilizing to post the live stream.

To do that you’ll want a sound card or audio interface.

For those who don’t already have one, there’s plenty of great options, Focusrite provides quality affordable choices which are utilized by many artists.

Just ensure you decide an interface with enough inputs to handle microphone inputs and the inputs from your devices.

You could have to dive into your live stream’s settings to ensure audio sent from your sound card is going to your pc or phone.

Once your audio interface is set up and your live stream is receiving audio from your gear or your microphone, don’t forget to check for clipping and ambient noise in your mix.

Right here’s a video that shows the right way to live stream music with a smart telephone.

8. Tips for capturing good video

The most typical camera used for live streaming is a phone camera since they’re connected to the internet by nature.

The great news is most phone cameras are fairly good nowadays, however, there are some issues to remember to assist them to perform better.

The number one thing you can do is purchase a stand to hold your phone in place. A steady camera will produce a lot better picture.

The following step is to take a look at your lighting choices.

Phone cameras don’t do very properly in dark conditions, so ensure you’ve obtained good natural light in your live stream room, or use a lamp to shed extra light on your virtual stage.

Of course, there’s loads of gear you can buy for streaming extra high-quality video.

However, better cameras and film lighting are expensive, so in case you’re just getting began you could be better off just utilizing what’s at your disposal.

9. Archive your live stream

Once you live stream ends don’t throw it out!

All that footage is helpful content material to chop up and share with followers that missed or want to replay your live stream.

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Within the days following your last live stream, share components of your last set.

This is a wonderful tool for promoting any upcoming live stream session too!

Just ensure you’re familiar with the live stream saving choices on whatever platform you plan on utilizing.

Live from the palace (your palace)

Live streaming is a good promotional tool that you shouldn’t ignore.

Sharing a personal view into your life, studio, and creative process will assist you to make a valuable connection with your followers.

Nothing feels better than getting a positive reaction or comment.

So now that you know how to live stream music you can make these sorts of interactions occur more often!

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