Make Beats With Online Music Creator

Make Beats With Creator

We all know the importance of creativity at home right now, so we’re excited to share online music Creator, the new free online samples to make beats

Creator allows you to make beats, unlock ideas and stack loops while you browse.

It’s an inspiring way to piece together new ideas and hear how samples sound together.

The possibilities are endless with over one million samples available online. Let’s check LANDR Samples with us.

Make Beats With Creator

Here’s how to use Creator:

  • Head over to Creator on LANDR Samples
  • Add up to 8 samples to Creator
  • Press play and Creator will match your sounds to your chosen key and BPM
  • Close Creator and add more samples as you want
  • Change your key and BPM any time
  • Change the levels of each sample for a preliminary mix
  • Download your samples time-stretched and pitch-shifted

Once you’ve created a beat, you can share it with your followers and fans on social media just by clicking the share button.

LANDR has a challenge, when you make something and share your creations on social media platform with the hashtag #MadeWithCreator!

To start you off, we’ve even curated a handful of sample packs made to perfectly work with Creator.

It’s the perfect way to get started making beats on LANDR Samples.

What is Creator?

Creator is an online beat maker that makes it easier to hear the way up to 8 samples sound together. It’s the only tool of its kind to make beat on any music sample marketplace.

LANDR built it directly into your sample digging workflow on LANDR Samples to help you unlock ideas, layer loops and sketch ideas while you browse, check it.

Creator is an online tool to make beat that makes it easier to hear the sound of up to 8 samples together.

Creator allows you to instantly hear how samples will sound together. Choose a key and BPM and Creator will automatically match your loops.

Once you’ve made your beat, download your sounds time-stretched, pitch-shifted and ready for the DAW.

Make beats with Creator

With over a million samples, we know it can be tough to go from browsing to creating. Creator is here to help you find the right samples fast and get inspiration with new ideas.

To really get take advantage from this massive library, you need the right sample at the right time.

Browse our curated Creator Collections, get AI-based recommendations from Selector, play with trending samples or start to find your first loop and add it to Creator.

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