Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

Instagram Reel analytics

The latest Instagram update includes what manufacturers and creators have been ready for — Instagram Reel Insights.

Since their introduction in 2019, Reels have developed into an integral part of Instagram’s ecosystem. They now sit entrance and center within the app, simply accessible from the home page, account pages, and Discover web page.

And the promoting efforts of Instagram Reels are paying off. More and more manufacturers and influencers are experimenting with the format. However, as the buzz around it grows (there are currently 169,000 Google searches for the phrase “Instagram Reels” per month!), entrepreneurs have unsurprisingly turn into eager to measure their performance.

Leading up to the recent replacement, the one approach to verify Reel efficiency was to:

  • Go to the Reels tab in your account to check the number of views every Reel obtained (displayed on the backside of every thumbnail)
  • Open an individual Reel to see how many likes and feedback it received

Viewing Instagram Reel view count, like count and comment count

And when you can still use these steps for a quick verify on a specific Reel, it is now possible to measure and monitor the performance of your larger Reels strategy via Instagram Insights.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • The definition of Reels analytics
  • Causes you have to track Reels analytics
  • Useful Reels metrics
  • Navigating Reels Insights in the Instagram app

We’ve also collectively listed 4 tips for utilizing Reels insights to make better content material.

What is Instagram Reels analytics?

Reels analytics is the method of tracking, accumulating, and analyzing information to understand the performance of your Reels.

In-depth analytics can assist you to make higher knowledgeable creative selections and construct more engaging content material strategies. On the next level, this may also help you get to know your viewers higher and allocate your time and money to tactics that work for them.

Reels analytics are a part of Instagram analytics and need to be included in your Instagram stories as well as your larger social media stories.

Why is monitoring Instagram Reels analytics essential?

As with all social media analytics, monitoring the efficiency of your Reels can assist you to learn from your wins, determine opportunities and improve your performance over time.

Reels analytics may also help you understand:

  • What your viewers likes and dislikes
  • When you must publish your Reels for best reach and engagement
  • Which calls to motion resonate together with your viewers
  • Which AR filters, results, and music tracks do it for you

Carefully tracking Reels Insights can even enable you to acknowledge patterns and see if spikes in Reel efficiency can affect your general Instagram engagement.

Instagram Reels analytics metrics

When figuring out whether a Reel was profitable or not, it is best to take a look at the following metrics:

Instagram Reels attain metrics

  • Accounts Reached. This metric tells you how many unique Instagram users noticed your Reel at least once.
  • Performs. That is the number of instances your Reel has been performed. It could be higher than the number of accounts reached, since some customers might watch your Reel more than once — which I’d assume is the case for this Reel of three cows smooching a puppy:

Instagram Reels engagement metrics

  • Likes. This metric tells you how many customers preferred your Reel.
  • Feedback. The number of feedback on an individual Reel.
  • Saves. The number of instances your Reel was bookmarked.
  • Shares. The number of times Instagram customers shared your Reel to their story or sent it to another user.

The best way to view Instagram Reel Insights

To access Instagram Insights, go to your account within the cell app, then tap the Insights button under your bio:

Accessing Instagram Insights from account page

Be aware that Insights are solely accessible for professional accounts. However, don’t worry! You’ll be able to switch to a Creator or Business account in your settings — it only takes a minute and even model-new accounts with small followings can do it.

Then, head to Accounts Reached the Overview section:

The Reach section

Reels analytics are included in the Attain breakdown. According to Instagram, Instagram allows Instagram customers to better understand how Reels contribute to an account’s efficiency.

Two phone screens with Instagram Insights graphs illustrating an account's reach

Source: Instagram

To view insights particular to Reels solely, scroll right down to Reels within the Insights overview display screen and tap the proper arrow after your number of Reels. Right here, you may see your entire Reels performance metrics in a single place.

To verify the performance of a specific Reel, open the Reel out of your profile, then tap the three-dot icon in the backside proper of the display screen, then tap Insights.

phone screen with individual Instagram reel performance stats

Source: Instagram

The best way to use Instagram Reel Insights to make higher Reels

Now that you already know the place to find your Reels analytics and why you must track Reels efficiency, it’s time to put all these findings to work.

Here are 4 tips for utilizing Reels analytics to make higher content material:

Tip #1: Take a look at different Instagram Reel types

To make good Reels, that you must… watch plenty of Reels. Without a feel for what’s trending, you’ll have a struggle in finding a method that works on your model.

However what if what you like doesn’t necessarily resonate along with your viewers?

The key to discovering the most effective visible types, filters, results, and tendencies on your model is testing. And now that you’ve access to Reels Insights, you’ll be able to drive extra insights out of your exams.

Before, you could solely base your efficiency assumptions on feedback and likes. However an excessive number of feedbacks isn’t always a very good factor — some of them may be unfavorable. Take the feedback from a giant grocery chain’s kitchen hack Reel for instance:

Reel comment section

With the two new engagement metrics, you’ll have a better understanding of how many customers truly cherished your content material (sufficient to save it for later or share with buddies). While you publish a Reel that will get plenty of likes, feedback, saves, and shares, you’ll know that something is working!

Tip #2: Take a look at different Instagram Reel lengths

Instagram currently lets all users create 15 and 30 second long Reels, with select accounts gaining access to 1 minute Reels.

Similar to testing different tendencies and effects, you would need to look at completely different Reel lengths to see what your viewers respond to best.

Tip #3: Take a look at different audio options in Instagram Reel

Instagram offers many alternative options for including audio to Reels. You’ll be able to:

  • Use the distinctive audio from your video clip
  • Add voiceover to your video
  • Use a text to speech generator
  • Use a saved audio monitor — music or a viral snippet, like in the example below from McDonald’s:

With access to Reels Insights, you’ll be able to check out different options and see if some of them tend to work higher than others.

Accessibility tip: Regardless of your selection, make sure to add captions to your Reels so that everyone can enjoy them!

Tip #4: Take a look at different instances and days to submit in Instagram Reel

It is a large one. Enhanced Reels analytics can assist you to pin down the most effective day of the week and time of day to submit your Reels for optimum attainment and engagement.

The idea is straightforward — take a look at totally different posting instances and watch your outcomes intently to find out what time works best for you and your viewers. With that method, you’ll never “waste” a fantastic Reel by posting it when your viewers are not online!

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