7 Effective Methods to Make Money on YouTube (2/2)

There are numerous different methods to earn Youtube money. Keep reading to seek out out more about what they are.

4. Grow to be an affiliate partner

In case your YouTube viewers are loyal and engaged, however not quite there yet headcount-wise, search for companies investing in affiliate marketing.

YouTubers affiliated with businesses encourage their viewers to go to the brand’s online store or particular product pages. They then get a percentage of gross sales made via their — you guessed it — affiliate links.

When it comes to setup and logistics, affiliate partnerships are just like sponsored content deals, so follow the steps from tip #3 to begin.

5. Get your followers to pay you directly

This is one of the methods helping you to earn Youtube money includes a few different income streams, however, all of them have one thing in common: it’s important to make it easy for your followers to show their appreciation with their credit card.

Step 1: Host live chats where individuals can use Super Chat

In early 2017, YouTube replaced the previous Fan Funding feature with Super Chat. This can be a function that’s solely accessible to YouTube Partners while they still live stream.

youtube super chat

Primarily, your viewers could make their comments more visible—they’re highlighted and pinned for a set period of time relying on how much they pay—in the live chat stream.

Step 2: Encourage your followers to be channel members

Join member channel

YouTube lets your viewers pay you to become members of your channel. In exchange, they get customized emoji, badges, and access to members-only exclusives like Live Chats with you.

For example, Wintergatan is a Swedish brand that also makes elaborate marble machines and posts videos about it to their YouTube channel. They often thank their channel members in their videos. Additionally, they make it clear what the money from memberships supports:

join youtube member channel

You’ll have to build out a promotion technique to convince individuals to be members, which can or may not include a number of tiers of membership. Like Super Chat, this function is simply obtainable to YouTube Partners.

Step 3: Encourage your followers to be YouTube Premium subscribers

This step is the last on our list for this technique because it advantages your channel not directly. That stated, when YouTube Premium members watch your channel, you get a cut of their subscription payment. (And so does every different channel they watch.)

6. Use crowdfunding

Soliciting donations online is now commonplace. Whether or not you’re seeking to build ongoing revenue from a pool of small month-to-month donations, or seeking to fund a personal, channel-related project, crowdfunding is how many YouTubers make money.

Step 1: Set up a crowdfunding account

YouTube has a list of approved crowdfunding sites to select from.

For recurring funding, Patreon is the best choice. In the meantime, sites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter are greatest for one-off campaigns to get a new mic, or a new laptop, or a new … spleen.

youtube funding to make money

Step 2: Promote your campaign in your videos

Detail your specific objectives so that people know precisely what they can count on whenever you’ve succeeded.

Additionally, offer attractive perks that stack as your followers choose how much they need to donate.

For more information and inspiration, take a look at this detailed guide to crowdfunding strategies.

Step 3: Go beyond YouTube

A profitable campaign is a multi-platform affair. We now have some recommendations on how to promote your YouTube channel (and by extension, your crowdfunding campaign) all over the place else.

7. License your content to the media

When a video goes viral, each information outlet needs to get their arms on a copy so as to replay it for their viewers. Luckily, established media companies are effectively aware that they should pay for what they use. And voila, you’ve received yourself another method to make money on YouTube.

As a content creator, licensing your most profitable work to the media can be so simple as making sure you’re simple to seek out. This is one of the effective methods to earn youtube money.

Step 1: Maintain your contact details up to date on your About page

You by no means know when lightning will strike. Even if you don’t have a business manager, arrange a generic email account that you can point to for business inquiries.

update contact details

Step 2: Sign up for a video rights marketplace

Jukin Media is a superb place to start. Even when you don’t have a viral video just like the Chewbacca mask lady (see below), media outlets typically want timely footage to round out their reporting.

video rights marketplace

How much money are you able to make on YouTube?

Sadly, this age-old question has one infuriating answer: it depends.

The sky is the restrict, as a 9-year old YouTuber and multi-millionaire Ryan Kaji’s story proves. However moving into 7-digit territory takes quite a lot of time, consistent work, and luck.

YouTube revenue depends closely on AdSense. In simple terms, YouTubers get paid for every ad view on their channel. However, rates fluctuate across geographies, demographics, and even industries (software ads could have a better CPM than, for instance, clothing ads).

On average, YouTubers make between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views through AdSense. If your channel is reaching lots of people, this may stack up to a pretty paycheck. It’s not uncommon for big creators to cash out upwards of $200,000 every month from AdSense alone.

However even if your channel is trending and AdSense revenue is filling up your checking account, keep in mind that YouTube fame relies on many factors, some (or most) of that are out of your control — the YouTube algorithm can change, as can your viewers’ tastes and needs.

To guarantee that the money you make on YouTube turns right into a healthy and consistent income, follow our 7 suggestions and branch out. Merch, branded offers and crowdfunding could make you money even when, for whatever purpose, your AdSense paychecks go down.

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