7 Microphone Choices to Find Your Perfect Sound (2/2)

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Keep reading for more mic choices for better sound while recording music.

4. KSM32

shure ksm32 mic choices

Type: Large-diaphragm condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Price: $499

Large-diaphragm condenser microphones are the mic kind most commonly associated with studio vocals.

There are loads of reasons why. LDC’s capture a broad range of frequencies from deep, powerful lows to soaring top end.

Additionally, they have a powerful proximity effect and a polar pattern that shifts slightly throughout the frequency range.

Those elements both contribute to the larger-than-life vocal sound heard on great studio recordings.

Shure’s KSM32 is an ideal example of the type of qualities you’ll discover in an excellent large-diaphragm condenser—especially for vocals.

At this price point, the KSM32 is a professional microphone with professional performance. It’s one other Shure mic that you’ll usually see in the mic lockers of top studios all over the world.

With extended frequency response and a balanced character overall, the KSM32 is a superb choice if you’re in search of this microphone kind.

5. MV51

shure mv51 mic choices

Kind: USB large diaphragm condenser
Polar pattern: Multiple
Price: $199

Getting began with recording means you’ll want more than just a mic.

Your home studio setup will most likely include an audio interface, headphones, monitors, and audio cables.

The price of all that gear can add up—even if you find the most effective deals on budget picks.

If you just need a simple solution that can get you began for less, you may consider an all-in-one setup like the Shure MV51.

The MV51 takes care of your microphone and audio interface multi-functional and doesn’t require any additional cabling to the plugin.

It connects directly to your computer or laptop through USB so you can record straight away.

The MV51 is portable, cost-effective, and simple to use while still delivering the audio high-quality Shure is known for.

6. SM27

shure sm27

Kind: Large-diaphragm condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Price: $299

One other great option for vocals in Shure’s respected line of large-diaphragm condensers is the SM27.

It’s a studio-quality vocal mic designed to face up to the rigors of the stage. It’s small and compact but extremely durable.

The SM27 can deal with the high SPLs common on loud stages, making it nice for loud singers and aggressive styles.

It’s perhaps greatest known for its heritage in the earlier KSM27—the mic of choice for The Chicks stage productions.

If you need to take your vocal recording setup on the go, the SM27 should be on your radar.

7. MV7

shure mv7 mic choices


Kind: USB Dynamic
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Price: $249

There are many classic mic choices for spoken word recording, however, not all of them come low cost.

If you’ve heard of the pros of using mics like the SM7B from above, you might have also seen the price tag that comes with them.

However, that doesn’t mean you need an expensive mic to record podcasts, streams, or Youtube content in good quality.

Many content creators don’t need the hassle of additional gear like audio interfaces and mic cables—not to mention the inline preamps sometimes needed for decrease sensitivity mics like the SM7B.

If you want the timeless sound of Shure’s popular broadcast mic without the additional gear, the MV7 might be your solution.

Its USB connectivity eliminates the necessity for extra audio gear and the convenient mounting system works perfectly for broadcast-style setups.

The art of mic choice

There are more mic choices out there for producers than ever before.

It might sound overwhelming, however, the wide range of models means you’ll be able to always discover the right mic for any singer and any budget.

If you made it via this article you’ll have a good idea of the choices out there, and how to choose the best one for you.

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