Online Mixing: 3 Ways to Master Your Music Online


Mixing is one of the trickiest parts of finishing a track, however, it’s also an exciting step in music production. So, it’s no surprise that you’re searching for some online mixing resources.

You’ve written your song, recorded it and now you’re ready to get every part mixed together and sounding good as a unit.

However, mixing music isn’t all the time super straightforward. To get a track sounding its best you should know a handful of specific processes and techniques.

Right now there actually isn’t any single online mixing tool that allows you to mix your track instantly—even though you definitely can instantly master a track online.

Mixing is totally different, you should make creative choices and listen to what’s happening.

If you’re just getting started with a mix it’s very easy to make mistakes, mess things up and end up worse off than where you began. Luckily, that’s why the to undo button exists.

The issue is that mixing takes time.

Learning it and doing it requires developing your ear to listen to how specific processes work and then know what to look for when making creative choices.

However, there’s tons of online mixing tutorial, resources, tools and tricks that will help you get the best mix possible.

Here are our greatest online mixing ideas for finishing your track.

1. Connect and work with pro mixing engineers

The easiest way to learn mixing is by learning and working with someone who’s received lots of experience.

This is why it’s so useful to find a professional to mentor you, provide you with feedback, or even do a mix for you.

If you’re unsure where to search out great mix engineers with professional experience, take a look at LANDR Network.

Right now, you’ll find dozens of online mixing engineers who have skilled credits and years of experience in the studio.

Discovering an online mixing guru is the easiest way to get feedback on a mix you’re working on, find experts who can teach you the ins and outs, or hire professional engineers to help to do a mix.

Plus, if you’re working remotely with plugins, it will be super simple to hear what a pro mix engineer is doing with your track.

Sessions are the only plugin that connects DAW audio to a video chat to stream high-quality audio over video chat—so if you hire a mix engineer to offer feedback or do a mix of your track, you may hear exactly what they’re doing.

2. Learn how to mix music with free tutorials and plugins

If you have patience and time, there are such a lot of resources out there that will help you learn how to mix.

Also recommended—watching YouTube tutorials and online mixing guides to help with getting a visual idea of how mixing works in whichever DAW you use.

Do a little bit of reading and watch some tutorials, there’s no doubt that you’ll learn the basics and get an idea of where to start out and what to listen for.

3. Master your music online with AI mastering

You’ll be able to learn how to mix or connect with pro engineers with the internet, but honestly, online mixing isn’t really a thing unless you use an online DAW.

And even then, online DAWs aren’t really geared towards the mixing aspect of music production, they focus more closely on creativity and feature tools that will help you write a track.

That being said, there’s undoubtedly such a thing as online mastering.

That’s because mastering is a really technical process that’s much less an art form and much more a science.

That’s why it’s possible to develop AI tools that will automatically master a track online and generate the last master that sounds just as good as a human mastering engineer.

In fact, that’s only if you utilize a well-developed AI mastering tool like LANDR—the pioneer of AI mastering.

You’ll be able to always try out LANDR for free and listen to how a mastered track sounds before subscribing to the service.

Online mixing is all about learning and collaborating

The most effective music includes collaboration to some level. Don’t pressure yourself to go it alone all the time, instead of asking for help if you need it.

With communities like LANDR Network, it’s so easy to search out online mixing engineers, collaborate with, and get your tracks over the finish line.

However whether or not you need to work with a pro mixing engineer, there are so many resources that will help you get the very best mix of your music.

All you need to do is start learning and developing your skills!

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