How to Optimize Your Ads with Facebook Ad Library (2/2)

How to Optimize Your Ads with Facebook Ad Library (2/2)

Continue reading to find out how to leverage Facebook Ad Library to 10X your ads.

Search other ads in your region in Facebook Ad Library

The ability to filter ads by location is one of the best features of the Facebook Ad Library. This enables you to see how your direct competitors market their products to their target audiences.

You can currently only filter by country, but we hope to see more regional filters soon.

Pro tip: If you want to look for ads in a specific city, try typing the city’s name into the keyword box in the ad library. So, if an advertiser used your city’s name in the copy, the ad will appear in your results.

ads containing Vancouver as keyword in Facebook ad library

Use filters to search for specific media types

The ability to filter ads by media type is one of the most recent additions to the Facebook Ad Library.

For detail, you can now filter your results by ads that include images, memes, videos, or video transcripts.

filter by media type option

This is a great way to get ideas for your own ad campaigns and see what type of content is popular with consumers in your industry.

For example, if you’ve been thinking about experimenting with memes in your ads, see how your competitors have fared.

The same can be said for video content and ad types such as carousels, collections, and playable ads.

Consider it as your competitors performing A/B testing for you. So, all you need to do is research, mimic, and optimize.

Filter by date to avoid competitive time frames in Facebook Ad Library

Knowing when and why your competitors run ads might help you avoid or capitalize on specific situations.

If you know your competition is having a sale at the same time as you, for example, you may want to postpone yours by a week.

You can filter ads by date in the Facebook Ad Library, so you can see exactly what your competitors were running in which season.

Additionally, if you find that your most recent sale didn’t get the traffic it deserved, check to see if you were competing with a competitor’s sale.

Also, if you normally have seasonal deals, look at what your competitors promoted the previous year and leverage that data to better your own sale this year.

select date filter and range on Facebook ad library

Pay attention to the messages of the campaign.

When it comes to launching a new campaign, creating unique ads is crucial. You want to reach as many individuals as possible while maintaining the effectiveness of your message.

Looking at what your competitors are saying is one approach to acquire ideas for your campaign messaging.

You may filter ads by advertisers in the Facebook Ad Library to examine how they create cohesive campaigns.

For example, Allbirds is marketing their new merino wool shoes. You can see how they promote their new product using color blocking, overlay messaging, and a mix of static graphics and video content.

Allbirds merino wool ads

Pro tip: Create a Facebook ad campaign, from your Hootsuite dashboard, define your target audience, set a budget, choose how long you want it to run, build your ad creative, and publish the campaign on Instagram or Facebook — the same place you schedule and publish your organic social media content.

The following video demonstrates how it works:

Social Advertising with Hootsuite (OLD)

Look at what your competitors are testing in Facebook Ad Library

A/B testing is one of the most significant tools in a marketer’s toolkit. A/B testing allows us to see which messaging and visuals are more effective with our target audience.

You may test many things in an ad, from copy to content, ad format and beyond.

In case you’re stuck for ideas, look through your Facebook Ad Library to see what your competitors are testing.

To restrict your results down to one primary competition, start by filtering by ads.

Then look for ads with the same images but a different copy, or ads with the same copy but various ad formats.

shoe ad from Allbirds in Facebook ad library

You can also look for a tag that says “This ad has multiple versions” in the ad itself. This indicates that the advertiser is testing with different versions of the ad.

ad testing multiple versions

Finally, you can then start thinking about things you could test in your own ads to boost performance.

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