10 Secret Spotify Tips And Tricks You Should Know (1/2)

Spotify tips and tricks

If you’re not using Spotify, you’re probably missing out on some of the best music discovery tools around. The free version of the service allows you to stream over 30 million songs, make and share playlists with your friends, and listen to radio stations based on any artist or song you choose. But tons of awesome features aren’t immediately obvious when you first sign up, and they can transform your experience from ho-hum to amazing in just a few clicks. Here are some useful Spotify tips and tricks to help make your listening experience more enjoyable and if increase engagement as an artist on the platform!

10 Secret Spotify Tips And Tricks

1. Try The New Spotify Blend Between Friends

If you and a friend both have Spotify Premium, you can now take advantage of a feature called “Spotify Blend.” This allows you to see what your friend is listening to and mix it with your own music, creating a personalized listening experience tailored just for you. Go to your profile page and click on the “Blend” tab to start.

2. Try Out The Crossfade Feature

Spotify’s “Crossfade” feature allows you to blend two tracks together so that they play over each other for a seamless listening experience. This is great for creating your own custom mixes or simply transitioning between songs without interruption. To use Crossfade, go to the “Now Playing” screen and look for the “Crossfade” slider at the bottom.

3. Organize Your Playlist By Creating A Folder

Keeping them all organized and easy to find can be tough if you have many playlists. Spotify has a built-in feature that lets you create folders to help organize your lists. Right-click on any playlist to create a folder and select “New Folder.” Then, you can drag and drop any other playlists you want into that folder.

4. Start Using A Private Session

If you don’t want your friends to see what you’re listening to, you can enable “Private Session” mode. This will prevent your activity from being shared on Facebook or anywhere else and keep your playlists hidden from anyone who isn’t logged into your Spotify account. To turn on Private Session mode, just go to the “settings” and select “Private Session.”

5. Enhance Your Playlist In Just A Click

This is quite a hidden feature in Spotify, but you can click on any song and add it to another playlist. You can even choose to add just a single song from an album or artist’s entire collection. This is particularly handy when you want to ensure you don’t forget an important song. It also saves you time if you’re creating several playlists at once because, with one click, all of your desired songs will be automatically added without much effort.

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