8 Ways to Sell Products on Instagram (1/2)


Ready to sell products on Instagram for your business? Here are top 8 Instagram features for driving clicks and conversions.

#1: Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop gives a manner for companies to showcase their product catalog and reach new prospects on Instagram.

By setting up an Instagram Shop, manufacturers can curate a listing of shoppable merchandise which might be directly accessible via the “View Shop” button on their Instagram profile page.

However, that’s not all. Businesses with Instagram Shop may also be featured on the Instagram Shop tab. Besides, a new shopping destination accessible from Instagram’s main navigation menu.

Right here, consumers can “Browse Shops,” “See Editors Picks,” “Explore Guides,” and “Shop Collections.”

Via this new feed, Instagram has discovered a technique to present customers more of what they’re highly likely to purchase.

By clicking on a suggested product, customers can see more photos that includes the product, pricing info, other merchandise from the identical retailer, and follow the route to buy.

For US-based clients, the route to buy is even more streamlined with Instagram Checkout, which permits customers to pay for a product and supply their shipping details without ever leaving the Instagram app.

#2: Link in Bio

The link in your Instagram bio is straightforward to seek out and readily clickable, making it one of the most valuable traffic-drivers on your Instagram profile.

Nevertheless, there’s only so much you are able to do with just one link — until you utilize a third-party tool to capitalize on this chance.

For each post on your feed, you may link to your specific product pages on your website. Besides, making is straightforward for individuals to buy the merchandise they discover via your posts.

#3: Instagram Feed Post Shopping

Instagram has always been an amazing place for customers to find new merchandise. However, Instagram Shopping makes it simpler than ever to go from inspiration to conversion.

With Instagram Shopping, companies can tag merchandise (listed of their Instagram Store) directly in feed posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV videos, Reels, Guides, and Live broadcasts (more to come on these later).

sell products on Instagram

Showcasing merchandise in feed posts supplies valuable context, such as sizing, fit, or styling inspiration. So adding a direct route to buy closes the retail loop.

With Product Tags, users can tap to find product particulars, go to a model’s website, or make a purchase directly throughout the app with Instagram Checkout.

Plus, by regularly utilizing Instagram Shopping, companies stand a greater chance of being featured on the Instagram Shop discovery tab.

NOTE: Instagram Shopping is currently available to Business accounts in 46 approved countries. Instagram Checkout is simply available to eligible businesses within the US.

#4: Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are a new technique to share ideas and proposals to sell products on Instagram, and they’re perfectly optimized for e-commerce.

sell products on Instagram

Guides supply a unique technique to package existing content with recent commentary, and are currently available in 3 formats:

  • Locations: Suggest locations in your metropolis and beyond
  • Merchandise: Suggest your favorite merchandise
  • Posts: Suggest posts you created or saved

Product Guides, as you’ll have guessed, are a fantastic technique to promote merchandise. Manufacturers can both create a curated list of merchandise themselves, or partner with influencers to reach an even wider network.

For the best outcomes, think about curated edits that may resonate along with your audience, such as  “Gifts under $20,” or “Skincare Favorites.”

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