8 Ways to Sell Products on Instagram (2/2)


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#5: Instagram Stories Shopping

Regardless of how big or small your follower count, you may drive a serious quantity of sales from Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories present an enormous opportunity for manufacturers to connect with their followers on an extra personal level . It is nice for constructing trust, increasing engagement, and creating community.

However, that’s not all. There are additionally a number of methods to make stories instantly shoppable!

Companies with Instagram Shopping can add shoppable product stickers that followers can faucet to buy, or add a “swipe up” link that directs viewers to a product listed of their Instagram Shop.

And when you reach over 10K followers, you may add “swipe up” links to any web URL from your Instagram Stories — an enormous opportunity to drive traffic and sales.

#6: IGTV and Instagram Reels Shopping

IGTV Shopping and Instagram Reels Shopping are 2 new methods to focus on and sell products by video content on Instagram.

Thanks to those new updates, that are rolling out globally, viewers can now choose the “View Products” button to both purchase, save, or learn more about the featured merchandise.

Moreover, creators will soon have the ability to tag merchandise from partner manufacturers in Reels — constructing on Instagram’s Shopping from Creators offering (see below).

#7: Shopping from Creators

Shopping from Creators permits accepted brand partners (akin to influencers, celebrities, or creators) to tag your merchandise directly in their posts.

Their followers can then faucet “View Products” to find out more info and buy the tagged merchandise directly by Instagram Checkout — making the route from influence to purchase further streamlined.

NOTE: Shopping from Creators is at present solely available for companies with Instagram Checkout and a variety of high-profile creators. However it will likely roll out further in the coming months.

#8: Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping is a new method for manufacturers and creators to sell merchandise throughout an Instagram Live broadcast.

This new e-commerce function lets accounts with access to Instagram Checkout tag up to 30 merchandise from their Facebook Shop or catalog before going live.

Throughout the broadcast, the host can pin one product at a time to the screen — offering a new, contextualized option to store during an Instagram Live.

This fully integrated experience is nice for manufacturers who wish to drive sales, and makes it simpler for viewers to buy featured merchandise.

As you may see, there are tons of various options to drive sales on Instagram.

Discovering the right ones for you may take a little trial and error. However with a consistent technique, you’ll see actual results sooner than you might think.

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