7 Tips for Selling on Instagram (2/2)

7 Tips for Selling on Instagram (2/2)

Continue to discover 7 tips for selling on Instagram in 2021…

4. Clearly Highlight Your Promotions in Your Images or Videos

Instagram is actually a visual social media platform where people hardly look beyond photos and captions. The platform is constructed like a visual feed where users keep scrolling down looking at photos. For this reason, it is important not to rely too much on captions and present all essential particulars in the image or video itself.

So, in case you’re running any promotions or offers, it’s best to clearly highlight that in the image. The same goes for any unique product options or another USP that makes your product stand out.

This may assist ensure that people instantly know your value proposition without needing to read the caption. This may even encourage them to make a faster decision and click on the link to make a purchase or check out the product.

5. Get Social Proof

One of the best ways to convince somebody to purchase something is by showing how other people are utilizing it and enjoying it. This need to purchase something because others have it’s inherent in everybody and could be easily exploited to generate sales. This concept, where a person validates the worth of a product based on the variety of different people who are utilizing it, is known as social proof.

A great way of providing social proof is by leveraging user-generated content. Lots of Instagram sellers repost pictures of their existing prospects utilizing their products. The more influential people you may present as your prospects, the better it’s on your brand’s picture.

Daniel Wellington is a brand that instantly comes to mind when we discuss leveraging user-generated content material.

The brand has aced their UGC game and asks their prospects to tag their brand when posting an image wearing their watches for an opportunity to get featured. They choose one person to post every day and post it on their feed.

Right here’s an instance of one such post.

Image Supply: Instagram

6. Use Influencer Marketing

This list of suggestions for selling on Instagram would not be complete without the mention of influencer marketing. In any case, influencers can generate leads and drive sales conversions for manufacturers in an efficient approach.

Influencers have engaged and loyal followers you could attain by collaborating with them. Working with influencers in your niche might help you attain particularly related viewers that may easily convert into prospects.

There are numerous methods in which you can collaborate with influencers. You may ask them to create sponsored content on your brand and point out you to drive traffic to your Instagram account.

You may also ask them to create sponsored and shoppable Instagram Stories promoting your products. Influencers can also assist promote your offers and discounts and encourage their followers to make a purchase order.

7. Leverage Instagram Ads

Promoting is the traditional approach of generating sales leads and conversions and works just as nicely for Instagram promoting because it does for e-commerce. And, Instagram Adverts additionally present advanced viewers focusing on choices that may assist you to achieve relevant viewers.

You possibly can manage who you want to present your adverts to, how a lot you need to spend, and what objectives you want to obtain with these ads.

Instagram supplies a number of promoting choices and you can also create Instagram Stories Ads. These might be shown in between the Stories on a user’s feed and appear like native content material. This makes these kinds of adverts even more impactful.

General, if you wish to promote on Instagram, then adverts ought to be an integral part of your technique. Instagram Adverts might help you generate more sales by reaching out to more people on the platform than you can by yourself.

Just like we mentioned for organic content material, it is important to add CTAs and highlight your key value proposition in adverts as nicely. Here’s an instance of an Instagram Stories Ad that has a clear CTA and clearly highlights the supply.


Instagram is a great social commerce platform if you know the way to leverage it the right way. The following pointers will enable you to do just that and ace your Instagram selling game.

Utilizing shoppable posts and Stories are the two obvious methods of selling on Instagram. Nonetheless, there are certainly other issues that you are able to do to generate more leads and conversions. The tips mentioned above might help you get more related leads and generate more sales.

In case you haven’t yet begun selling on Instagram, it’s time that you give it a try. And use these tricks to get probably the most out of it.

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