The Complete Guide About Facebook Gaming (2/2)

set up facebook gaming

Keep reading to learn the way to set up your Facebook Gaming stream.

How to Set up Your Facebook Gaming Stream

Now that you know all about Facebook Gaming, it’s time to know the way to stream your games on the platform. After all, that’s the end purpose of opening a Facebook Gaming account, right?

The biggest back draw of Facebook Gaming is that it currently only allows you to stream from PCs. If you want to stream from your gaming console, you need to have an HDMI port and a capture card.

Even if you play the game on your console, you’ll still need to stream from your PC by connecting the capture card to it.

Moreover, Facebook Gaming has a mobile app through which you’ll be able to stream mobile games on the platform.

Before you can start streaming, you’ll have to have some broadcast software installed on your PC. You should use Streamlabs OBS, OBS, or XSplit for this. Once you’ve set up your broadcast software, you’re able to get started with Facebook streaming.

We recommend using Streamlabs OBS as you’ll be able to easily sign in with your Facebook account and the software will automatically do the rest for you.

However, with OBS, you’ll need a stream key to go live and that key will change every time you go live. So you should think about getting a static one. Let’s check out these steps on the Facebook Gaming platform to get a static key:

Head to the Streamer Dashboard.

set up Facebook Gaming

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In the Latest Stream section, choose “Go Live”.

set up Facebook Gaming

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Choose the box that says “Use a Persistent Stream Key”.

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Copy your stream key and then paste it into your streaming platform.

set up Facebook Gaming

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That’s it! You’re ready to start streaming on Facebook Gaming. Now, let’s take a look at the way you can follow other streamers on Facebook Gaming.

Following Streamers on Facebook Gaming

Once you open Facebook Gaming, you’ll automatically be able to see tons of streams. However, if you want to follow some streamers who stream your favorite games, here’s what you’ll have to do.

Head to “Browse Streamers” from the homepage.

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From the list of streamers, find the streamer you like and then click on “Follow”.

set up Facebook Gaming

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Once you do this, you’ll be capable to find a link to the person’s profile on your “Following” section. By clicking this, you’ll be able to see all the available streams of the person.

One more way of discovering new streamers on Facebook is through games. When you’ve found your favorite game, you’ll be able to scroll down and see the top streamers for that particular game. You can then follow them by choosing “Follow”.

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Just the same way as you follow streamers on Facebook Gaming, it’s possible to follow your favorite games as well. Let’s take a look at how you can do so.

Following Games on Facebook Gaming

The process for following your favorite games on Facebook Gaming is pretty simple. On the left sidebar of the platform, choose “Browse Games”.

set up Facebook Gaming

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This will show you a list of the most popular games on the Facebook Gaming platform. If your favorite game is among them, you’ll be able to click on “Follow”. You can also see which of your friends are following the same game.

set up Facebook Gaming

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If you can’t find the sport there, you’ll be able to search for it using the search bar at the top and then follow it.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Gaming is a superb platform for game lovers to both showcase their game prowess and also follow other gamers. It’s built into the main Facebook platform so it’s simple to access as well.

With the option to follow games and specific players, you’re given lots of selection in terms of what to follow. Lastly, you can also host tournaments and ask others to join a challenge with ease. Get started with Facebook Gaming today.

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