30+ Social Media Content Ideas for Musicians (1/2)

content ideas for musician

Haven’t you heard? Organic reach is back baby.

And I want you, as musicians, to be able to take full use of it!

The trick is to focus on MICRO-CONTENT!

This is fantastic since it means you’ll spend less time writing content and more time making music.

This is one of the music business trends you should be aware of, especially if you’re a new musician.

Why Should Musicians Focus On Micro-Content on Social Media Platforms?

The world has changed.

When it comes to content ideas for musicians, we can’t ignore the fact that instant gratification is at an all-time high.

If you are ‘unknown’ and do not yet have a multitude of existing followers, it is preferable to take smaller regular music marketing jabs in your music career rather than large punches with nothing in between (this is one of the reasons I recommend that musicians focus on singles over albums in the first place).

It all boils down to consumer behavior.

TikTok’s popularity is no accident, and it speaks to broader consumer patterns when considering digital marketing in general, not just for bands and musicians.

Music fans today is much les patience that is the reason why they comsume content in a new way.

You must remain relevant and continue to give bite-sized pieces of content so that people begin to pay attention. With your content, play the consuming game.

If you can go viral with micro-content, you will have a LOT of eyes and ears on you and your music.

It is the most effective strategy to reach new audiences and grow your fan base right now.

But how can you generate good content ideas for your band’s or your own music profiles?

A excellent way to start is by looking through the pages of artists/bands who inspire you.

If you’re still stumped, here are dozens of new content ideas for bands and musicians to utilize right now on social media!

1. What People Think I Do vs. What I Actually Do

This is a fantastic social media trend, particularly on TikTok, where your fans may obtain tremendous insight into what life is like in your music world.

Here’s a great example of this trend in TikTok videos.

What People Think vs What I Actually Do Tik Tok Compilation
You start with an expectation of what people believe it’ll be like while you’re making, then transition and show off the reality!

2. Your Writing/Production Process

The journey is frequently more intriguing than the destination.

All of the hours, blood, sweat, and tears you put into your new song or newest release. You should videotape and divide this procedure for your fans to see it. Consider your favorite artists. Wouldn’t you like to watch behind-the-scenes footage of how they create their music?

3. Your Biggest Achievement

It is OK to brag about your achievements on social media.

The music industry is difficult, and if you’ve accomplished something genuinely remarkable in the music industry, you should share it with others! Consider creative ways to share your accomplishments, but keep in mind that short form video is essential when putting up micro-content as a musician.

4. Singing In The Car

Remember this while planning promotional postings for your music.

Your music does not perish. It just ceases to be handled.

You must think outside the box on how you may attach your music clips to something that both an existing and new audience would love. Singing to your own tracks on a car journey is a great way to achieve this quickly and creatively!

5. Re-Write A Verse On A Popular Song That Already Exists

rewriting content ideas













This is extremely popular among artists and is one of the most popular Instagram content ideas and TikTok content ideas.

Rewrite a verse from a hit song by another artist. Record it in brief form and post it as micro-content on your social media platforms so that your followers can comprehend your style instantly using a frame of reference they are acquainted with. It really works better when you do this with music from a different genre!

6. How It Started vs How It’s Going

When it comes to content marketing ideas for artists, this is such a quick and simple victory. You may accomplish this in the style of a micro-content video or even an Instagram carousel with a before and after.

Pair this with an inspiring or motivating quote to demonstrate how far you’ve come and encourage your audience with encouraging posts.

7. Your Story So Far

When it comes to how far you’ve gone, don’t assume that your fans are already aware of your accomplishments.

Tell them where you have been, where you are now, and where you intend to go. This allows them to join you on your journey and feel like they’re a part of it!

8. Sneak Peek of Your New Song

You may advertise your new release ahead of time by releasing a clip online, whether it’s 15 seconds on your Instagram story or a short song post on social media.

These promotional postings may seem apparent to do, but you’d be amazed how many other independent musicians don’t do this and instead leap right into their song release without any build-up.

Your release should be part of a larger strategy, which may be found here.

How To Release A Single In 2022 (The 22 Day Plan)

9. Behind The Lyrics

Many musicians and composers pour their hearts and souls into their song lyrics.

Not every musical content must include hearing the music. You can inform those who are interested in your music what the lyrics signify and the basic background behind the song’s existence.

10. A Day With The Band

While you could vlog about it and upload long-form video to YouTube, you could also do it as micro-content.

Choose a day to capture with your band (ideally while doing something exciting) and video clips on your phone. Combine these clips into a short film and add it to your social media calendar!

11. What Inspires You

As an artist, where do you find your inspiration?

It might be other bands and artists you like, or it could be movies, novels, and role models you looked up to when you were younger. Share your top musical inspirations with your audience so they can get to know you better.

12. The Hardest Moment So Far

Success in the music industry is difficult, and your audience should be aware that it is not all flowers.

Be frank and honest about your challenges. What has been the most difficult aspect of your musical journey thus far, and can you think of an engaging way to convey your story?

13. Share A Childhood Picture

While musicians are accustomed to having to upload images of themselves in their present state, throwback posts are ideal for mixing things up.

Allow followers to connect with you by sharing something from your childhood; bonus points if you were a younger musical genius and you can discover a photo of yourself rocking out at the age of six!

14. Tutorials & How To’s

Increase your internet audience by educating something. You may create a lesson on how to re-string your instrument, how to utilize a certain piece of music production software, and so on.

This sort of tutorial content is extremely viral on the internet and may even help with SEO on YouTube and other social media sites.

15. Showing Off Your Workspace/Studio

Do you have a nice home studio?

Give people a tour of your ‘office,’ showing them where you work your magic and what equipment you utilize! Pictures are a no-brainer, but short-form video is more entertaining overall.home recording studio

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