Ridiculous Songwriting Tips That Actually Work (1/2)


Googling ‘songwriting tips’ will provide you with about 2 million results and how they work in 0.42 seconds. That’s a variety of ideas.

And you realize what? There’s a great chance a variety of them won’t work.

In fact, there are all the time those songwriting workouts that all the time work—like recording cover songs or collaborating with a new songwriting accomplice.

However, the following songwriting tips and how they work are the particular ones. Those that put you and your concepts first. Those that open up a while to essentially focus, experiment, and make your songs work.

Writing songs is a personal process. It’s all about getting again into yourself to seek out that song gold.

Now, let’s dive into songwriting Tips that actually work!

1. Play five radios at once

You would possibly wanna do that one when nobody else is home. Or at least hold the volume low. It’ll positively trigger your mates to ask if every part is okay.

Nevertheless, it actually works! Tom Waits famously makes use of this system throughout his songwriting process. He turns a few radios on and then listens for the fascinating overlaps.

This kind of absurd composition is a type of aleatory music—It’s music where sure parts of the composition are left to chance. It’s the proper storm for tune inspiration.

If it worked for Tom Waits it’s definitely worth attempting. So turn on all these radios, roll the dice and hear for the fascinating overlaps.


2. Look out the window for an extremely long time

The small room that I make music in has a skylight in it. The view is sort of restricted—only a small blue square with the occasional cloud, bird, or airplane.

However, I believe I’ve realized extra about my own process from that small blue square than any information, walkthrough, or manual might ever teach me. It lets me suppose clearly.

It doesn’t even be a window both. Simply one thing silent to stare at. Like a tropical aquarium, or a nice piece of art.

These days you need to actually rip yourself out of the hyper-fast distractions which might be always there (pc, cellphone, and so forth.) to search out some quiet silent time.

Do you suppose Brian Wilson composed ‘Good Vibrations’ while he was replying to an email, ordering an Uber, checking he performs on SoundCloud, and tweeting concerning the climate at an identical time?

I don’t suppose so.

3. Don’t discuss for the whole day. Just listen.

Take a temporary oath of silence. Your songwriting work will be thanking these tips.

A complete day may be a bit a lot. Besides, you HAVE to speak to lay down that earth-shattering vocal of pure genius.

However, It’s no secret that silence is good for you. Even an hour of silence is greater than sufficient time to reset your mind.


Whether you understand it or not, talking is a big and complex process on your mind to carry out. Placing it apart for a short while will put you in the proper place to write.

And through all that silent time all these deep memories and feelings may have a clear path to the top of your thoughts. Y’know, all these ideas that make nice songs.

So take a break from the chatting and check out silence for a while. Let your mind do the talking and discover all of the inspiration you want.

4. Set an absurd time limit

Guess what? Diamonds by Rihanna was written by Sia in 14 minutes. She put the beat on and the lyrics just flowed. It has gone platinum on 5 occasions within the US alone.

Time is a tough scale to stability. Too much and you end up second-guessing everything. Too little and also you get nothing accomplished.

Songwriting Tips work

The answer? Set a time limit. Even better, set a time limit that’s manner shorter than what you usually write in.

Setting slim boundaries will show you how to concentrate on what issues, write extra songs, and streamline your complete process. And the extra you do it, the better you’ll get.

Attempt it out and make your songs shine bright like a… gold brick?

5. Open your piano roll. Seize the pen software and MIDI scribble

My favorite feeling in kindergarten was grabbing a handful of crayons and scribbling all at once. To be honest, I’m undecided why I ended.

Properly, I assume I didn’t actually cease essentially. I am just doing it in my DAW now.


If I’m stuck building a beat I typically open my piano roll, load up an instrument, seize the pen software and just begin scribbling down notes.

After I’m accomplished I play it again and hear for the pleased accidents.

Most of the time it’s 90% crapola. However, that fascinating 10% is tremendous precious for concepts. So seize your DAW and channel your inside 5-year-old every now and then.

6. Write as few lyrics as possible

Right here’s an extremely good tip when you’re stuck: GET TO THE POINT.

Relating to songwriting simple is always efficient. Nevertheless, it’s laborious to pull off. It’s a must to be ruthless along with your method.

Just ask the Beatles. Their song ‘Love Me Do’ has precisely 19 unique words in it. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the crucial iconic songs of all time.

Simple is an ability that each songwriter ought to grasp. It retains your songs relatable, partaking, and catchy. Who doesn’t like a great sing-along?

7. Put a lid on it

Infinity exists. The one proof you want is a clean DAW. There are infinite VST plugins, infinite results, infinite processing.

However, infinity isn’t always a great factor. Typically the easiest way to better your songwriting is to set a gear limit.

Begin with a strict listing of what you’re gonna use. Limit your concepts to your gear listing. Concepts will take form a lot faster than having to always resolve between 1,000,000 options.

It’d sound bizarre but limitations can truly make you extra inventive. As you need to work with what you’ve received and bend it to your sound.

Plus maintaining yourself limited will provide you with a deeper understanding of the instruments you work with because you’ll need to push all of them to the limit.

8. Cut your lyrics to 1,000,000 pieces

Author William S. Burroughs created the cut-up method to assist along with his personal writing. Besides he wasn’t writing songs. He was writing books.

However, his idea is tremendously efficient for songwriting as effectively. It’s fairly easy. Simply write out a bunch of words that are in your thoughts, reduce them out, and rearrange them into concepts.

It doesn’t even need to be phrases both. It may be chords, notes, melodies, photos, or anything else that works for you.

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