Instagram is a platform that has demonstrated great development. Actually, the Instagram community grew to over 400 million users this previous year.

Regardless of its impressive reach, many business owners are nonetheless overlooking its marketing potential. Consequently, they’re leaving excessive levels of engagement, brand awareness, and even revenue on the table.

But why?

In just 12 months, we used Instagram to achieve 400,000 followers for Foundr — which translated to over 70,000 email subscribers. At the end of that period, we have been averaging 30,000 call-to-action clicks per month from Instagram and converting 30% of the customers who landed on our site from our Instagram page into email subscribers.

We have seen it work … now it’s time so that you can get in on the action. Here are 4 methods to use Instagram marketing to build your business and brand. (And in case you’re searching for more marketing instruments and sources for your new business, check out our comprehensive guide on how to start a business.)

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