Have you ever wanted to become the star of your own shopping channel? This is such good news for you: the new Instagram Live Shopping feature is here to make you a shoppable star, baby!

Live shopping has already made it huge in China over the past few years on platforms like TaoBao — like, $170-billion-market huge. Now, Instagram has launched its own Live Shopping tool, giving Instagram users their own opportunity to take a piece of that delicious e-commerce pie.

With Live Shopping you can:

  • Educate your audience: Share recommendations and reviews, do product demos, and answer questions to help shoppers build confidence that this is the best product for them.
  • Showcase new products: Live is the perfect way to share the latest products from your brand, with updates that drive real-time demand.
  • Collaborate with other creators: Team up with other brands and creators for live streams that drive sales and show off product collaborations.

Continue to read this guide to get started with Live Shopping on Instagram, and tips for maximizing your stream’s success.

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