Instagram stories allow users to post photos and short videos that will disappear after 24 hours. Have you ever wanted to anonymously view Instagram stories from your ex? You would be surprised about the number of Instagram users who are trying to find a way to do it. Even businesses want to do the same for their social media marketing strategies.

In this guide, we will show you some effective ways that you can view Instagram stories without anyone knowing. Then, you will understand why people want to do it secretly.

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In some methods, Instagram Stories might be considered a Snapchat killer. It’s the Facebook-Instagram firm’s answer to their “blink, and it’s gone” opposition. In this article, I’ll present you use Instagram Stories like an expert.

Like Instagram itself, Instagram Stories are snowballing in reputation. In Instagram Reels Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind, we checked out this fast growth. This previous September, Instagram reached 800 million active monthly users, with 500 million checking their Instagram account daily.

Instagram Stories was solely launched in August 2016, however, its utilization is rising quickly. It has already exceeded the June 2017 figure quoted in our earlier article, 250 million, and four months later it reached 300 million daily users. Snapchat, compared, solely has 173  million utilizing it every day – albeit an increase of 6 million since I wrote the above article. Continue reading →

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on small businesses using social media as their main marketing strategy. And the influence is showing on social media platforms as well. Brands are posting less and spending less money on ads on social media platforms. Consequently, their revenue and engagement from social media have plunged drastically.

In a COVID-19 Marketing Survey, we found that 65% of marketers have witnessed a noticeable decline in revenue, 74% have reduced their posting frequency, and 69% have decreased their ad spend since the outbreak.

Clearly, marketers and brands are taking it easy on social media platforms.

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When Instagram first introduced its Stories feature, it seemed like a straightforward copy of Snapchat. Yet Instagram Stories have taken off and turn into arguably the best success for Instagram.

Businesses have also realized the benefits of Instagram Stories for marketing. You can choose a highly related collection of pictures, connected to the subject of your marketing campaign, and link them together as a Story. Although most will generally disappear after 24 hours, you may pin your best Stories to your profile page. Specially, you can add a “swipe-up” link to your Instagram Stories. And make them extra versatile than everyday Instagram posts.

Yet, like all social media marketing, creating your Instagram Stories could be time-consuming, particularly if you want to add to them as the day progresses. This is where the relatively few tools that can help you schedule your Instagram Stories to come in handy. You can use these to prepare your entire Story in advance at once. And set the perfect times for every image to go live.

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