Lo-fi music has taken on tons of different meanings in recent years.

The term low-fidelity once referred just to the quality of a sound signal.

Especially, a sonic signal of a poorer quality—usually one produced by cassettes.

However today, the grainy, warbling sound that got here from tape recordings and cassettes has given birth to an entire genre of music and production style.

Lo-fi music now refers to an entirely instrumental brand of sample-based hip-hop beat production—and its sprawling community of beatmakers, listeners, and live streaming playlists.

The genre has exploded in popularity over the few years past, especially on YouTube.

So that you might be keen on learning more about the new genre. Especially, if you want to create lo-fi tracks of your own.

In this article we’ll have a look at everything there’s to know about lo-fi music—the music theory behind it, the different production techniques used to make it, and where to get the most effective lo-fi samples.

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