Spotify is now considered as the biggest music streaming platform in the world.

Every day thousands of artists upload their music to this platform to approach their fans, find new ones and earn money from streams.

It goes without saying that distributing your music online to Spotify and other streaming platforms need to be a part of your music promotion plan.

In this article, we’ll explore things you need to do to put your music on Spotify, get placed in the right playlists and reach new fans.

We’ll also look at some tips for getting more out of digital distribution, getting your lyrics on Spotify and your online music marketing plan.

Now, let’s check out how to put music on Spotify.

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Techno is an interesting genre of electronic music. In this article, we will tell you how to make a techno beat with AI.

The repeating, hypnotic rhythms and aggressive synths are so interesting to work with.

It’s so cool throwing that classic four on the floor kick pattern underneath a pulsing baseline or synth part.

With tons of great techno samples to work with on LANDR samples, we’ll see what Selector recommends a music producer uses to make his own techno track.

We are going to focus his search on melodic lines, instead of drum parts.

The drums are the most important part of any techno beat.

There’s a lot of subtlety involved with making techno drums sound right, so he just find some good drum samples he can use in my drum machine, and have Selector recommend him the melodic parts for his track.

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Playlists are how people find music these days. Here are top 10 best playlisting services for growing your audiences as you want to earn money with your music skill.

Playlist is the modern take on the radio station, except now people have complete control over exactly what music they want to hear and others recommend to them.

Some great playlists like Spotify’s Rap Caviar or Today’s Top Hits get millions of followers and often put new artists into the limelight.

If you want to grow your listener base and promote your music, getting your tracks playlisted should be your number one focus.

Of course, your first step for getting your tracks playlisted is releasing them through a digital distributor.

But, playlisting your tracks isn’t easy. You need to be established and have connections to get on playlists, right?

Not always.

Even if you’re just begin with music marketing and have a small following, there’s plenty of ways to increase your chances of getting on a playlist substantially.

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Rhythm is one of the fundamental aspects of music theory.

To make great harmonies and melodies you should know how rhythm works and how it is used in your tracks.

Rhythm can get difficult very quickly, but if you learn a few simple concepts it’s not as hard to understand as you may think.

In this guide, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about rhythm and start applying rhythmic or polyrhythmic concepts in your creative process.

You’ll know how we subdivide rhythms in music, how time signatures work, and how to begin understanding compound and odd time.

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In the previous article of this series, we’ve known 4 first steps to start making music.

Here, we will continue finding out 4 more steps of this complete guide that help you come to release your track.

5. Mixing Music

We all know that Mixing music is how you are taking each factor in your track and mix them to create a satisfying tapestry of sound.

Mixing is virtually its art form. It’s the part of the process that many producers are the most excited about.

Previously mixing was reserved for skilled professionals surrounded by huge racks of gear.

Not anymore. With today’s instruments, you may get great outcomes from mixing your music.

There’s a lot to learn. Turning into an excellent mixing engineer can take time.

However, creating a compelling mix that presents your track in an excellent light is an attainable purpose for everybody.

Learning to mix is one of the most worthwhile skills you may acquire in music.

An excellent mix makes an enormous difference to your listeners. The polished, balanced sound of a professional recording is how your track can hold its own against different songs in your listeners’ libraries.

In in-depth material on mixing takes on every method you should know to mix your track effectively.

From the basics to the finer points, there’s a wealth of knowledge here to get you started with one of the most enjoyable phases in the life cycle of a track.

the first steps to start making music

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To move forward with your creativity, the first step that you need to do is to start the music.

However, we all know beginning a new creation can be tough. You will find it intimidating, lonely and there’s a ton of things to learn.

Even so, the payoff is huge. Music is one of the greatest ways to show off your creativity and express yourself artistically.

To feel confident and have the right tools to embark allows you to ready to start.

In this article, let’s find out the first steps you – a modern musician – need to kickstart creating right away.

First steps to start making music: the lifecycle of a track

Making a song from idea to finished release needs tons of steps

We will show you each step and link to sources that may help you master each phase in this guide.

1. Songwriting

The very first spark of an idea can turn into a completed track that guidelines the airwaves. However, it has to turn into a song first.

Songwriting is the fundamental material of music creation. The term may sound old-fashioned, however, it’s broader than you may assume.

Songwriting encompasses all the things from music ideas to production. In the modern music era, each music creator is a songwriter.

This means each musician and producer can profit from learning the tools and techniques of songwriting—particularly once you’re just getting started.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new source of inspiration or you just want to write your first track, we will help you started creating music as quickly as possible. Let’s check this link below to find out more.

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