If you’re just getting started with music production, you will have heard terms like gain, level and volume used to explain signal strength.

However are they all the same? What does each mean exactly and the way do they affect your workflow?

The answer isn’t always easy if you don’t know the concepts behind them. Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about audio gain once you break it down.

In this article, I’ll clarify the exact meaning of the term. Then we will explain the different ways gain, level, and volume are used in music production.

Let’s get started.

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Distortion is a period that will get used loads in music production. It will possibly consult with an effect type, a mixing approach, and a high quality of indicators.

However, what’s distortion precisely? When would you like it and when must you keep away from it? What gear can you employ to get it and the place must you apply it in your workflow?

There are loads to unpack right here, however, don’t fear—distortion is an easy idea if you realize the fundamentals of the way it works.

In this article, I’ll break down each means the time is often used and recommend methods to work with distortion in your music.

Let’s get began.

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A while ago an article about a website promising a free money scheme popped into my inbox.

The point of the scheme was to get an AI to make an album with royalty-free samples that you could upload to Spotify in your name.

The website pointed out that you may distribute your album to Spotify and play it in the background 24/7 to collect streaming payments.

Sounds great, right?

Questionable makes use of Spotify like this take away from the already small pool of money available to artists that distribute their music on Spotify.

Now, using an AI to write an album for you with royalty-free samples so you’ll be able to distribute it and personally stream it to earn money is definitely a grey area—and it’s pretty silly.

But similar schemes that promise to improve your stream counts on Spotify are much more dangerous—and they hurt developing artists more than you might think.

To keep your tracks safe on Spotify and other streaming websites, here’s how you can protect yourself from fake streams.

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