If you’re just getting started with music production, you will have heard terms like gain, level and volume used to explain signal strength.

However are they all the same? What does each mean exactly and the way do they affect your workflow?

The answer isn’t always easy if you don’t know the concepts behind them. Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about audio gain once you break it down.

In this article, I’ll clarify the exact meaning of the term. Then we will explain the different ways gain, level, and volume are used in music production.

Let’s get started.

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Spotify is by far the world’s largest streaming platform. Every day thousands of songs are distributed to the service where artists can connect with hundreds of millions of paying subscribers.

What makes streaming platforms special is that these platforms have created a method for fans to gain access to unlimited content while making it possible for artists to be paid for streams of their music.

After all, streaming income across all the streaming platforms has been the topic of much debate. Many artists have been important of how little streaming platforms seem to pay per stream.

And since Spotify is the biggest streaming service provider, Spotify royalties typically sit at the center of the debate.

Everybody desires artists to be paid fairly for their work.

However there are some essential realities to confront when distributing your music to streaming platforms—sure, artists can earn money, however, it’s super necessary to be realistic and have a music marketing plan to go along with your release.

In this article, we’ll check out how exactly Spotify and streaming platforms calculate royalties.

Plus, I’ll share some artistic ideas for increasing your reach and improving your music promotion technique.

Let’s dive in!

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Distortion is a period that will get used loads in music production. It will possibly consult with an effect type, a mixing approach, and a high quality of indicators.

However, what’s distortion precisely? When would you like it and when must you keep away from it? What gear can you employ to get it and the place must you apply it in your workflow?

There are loads to unpack right here, however, don’t fear—distortion is an easy idea if you realize the fundamentals of the way it works.

In this article, I’ll break down each means the time is often used and recommend methods to work with distortion in your music.

Let’s get began.

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Creative resources, why is it in need during Covid19? Through the COVID-19 pandemic, creatives are within the midst of what can solely be described as a whirlwind. That is from dropping earnings via the cancellation of gigs, plus the anxiousness of being freelance throughout isolation and lockdown. We perceive that the Coronavirus has created a variety of stress for impartial artists within the music business, and wish to assist keep the creativity flowing.

There are a bunch of individuals within the inventive industries attempting to assist in any approach that they’ll. We love the truth that everybody appears to be coming collectively in these loopy instances. To make it simpler so that you can discover out precisely. In other words, it means who’s doing what and the place you will discover assist. We’ve compiled this listing of sources! Continue reading →

If you’re new to songwriting, it may seem like there’s no method to know how to write great song lyrics.

Writing lyrics is the most difficult part of the process for a lot of songwriters, but you don’t have to be a skilled lyricist to write down song lyrics that work for your music.

Actually, with a couple of basic lyrics writing ideas and an open mind, you will get started without any prior knowledge or experience.

Here is how to write song lyrics in 5 steps.

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Spotify always searching for methods to provide the best possible experience so their listeners can consistently discover and enjoy music and podcasts—and that includes look, feel, and functionality. They continuously test, develop, and launch new features, optimize for new devices, and look to expand the content offering. Yet along the way, Spotify has launched a new experience on their desktop app.

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Triads are one of the most basic knowledge in music theory.

They’re the simplest type of musical chord, but they’re an essential pattern that’s discovered throughout a number of structures in music.

However even if you have a basic understanding of what triads are, it’s worth looking into them in detail.

In this article, I’ll clarify triads clearly, show why it’s helpful to learn them and provide you with ideas to work with them in your music.

Let’s get started.

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