Once you think of spending your advertising and marketing dollars, Spotify probably doesn’t come foremost in your mind. And yet, you may need considered radio, a very traditional marketing medium. You might even think about spending a few of your online marketing dollars on YouTube. Here in this post, we show you a complete guide to advertise on Spotify.

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Previously, many firms considered radio an important part of their advertising expenditure. Most individuals listened to the radio at some time in their day, particularly in the morning or on their commute to and from work. Times have changed, nonetheless, and many individuals prefer to design their own playlists and then stream them through Spotify.

However, brands can still reach viewers with their message on Spotify, just like they’ve always been able to do on radio. Whereas many Spotify customers pay for an ad-free experience, the bulk prefers to listen to some adverts in return for a free streaming experience. This provides many opportunities for firms to put adverts between the Spotify tracks. And Spotify adverts don’t essentially cost you as much as you suppose they would. Spotify provides a self-serve advertising platform where the prices vary depending on demand for any slot. Continue reading →