It’s true, cute cat videos are hard to ignore on YouTube. But if you’re using this social media platform as part of your marketing strategy, then your brand needs to pay more attention on YouTube comments too. This post is all about how to manage YouTube comments.

YouTube comments allow the public to interact with your video content and for your brand to take part in a dialogue. And engaging with YouTube users in the comments can help you get new YouTube subscribers.

Plus, comments play an important role in the YouTube algorithm. And 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by the algorithm.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to change the visibility of YouTube comments
  • What a highlighted YouTube comment means
  • What goes into writing a good comment
  • How to moderate and reply to YouTube comments
  • The way to make comments, search comments and filter YouTube comments
  • How to edit and review YouTube comments

Let’s get started to manage your YouTube comments!

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One thing that so many YouTube entrepreneurs neglect about YouTube is that it isn’t only a video advertising platform, it’s additionally a social media advertising platform. I’ll take a look at these details on this article in an effort to start to grasp why you’d need to purchase Youtube comments, what the social aspect of YouTube is, and the way you should use feedback to construct a neighborhood. Continue reading →

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Something thаt sо many YouTube marketers forget аbоut YouTube іs thаt іt isn’t јust а video marketing platform, it’s аlsо a social media marketing platform. I’ll loоk аt thеsе facts іn thіs article so thаt уоu сan begin tо understand whу you’d wаnt tо buy Youtube comments, whаt thе social side of YouTube is, and hоw уоu саn use comments tо build а community.

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