Practical Techniques to Use Loops Creatively


With the big ideas out of the way, let’s discuss practical techniques to use loops creatively. Here are four workflow ideas for making loops your personal.

1. Use a loop-based instrument

Pasting sampled loops onto your timeline is a superbly wonderful method to work with pre-made sounds.

However, you possibly can unlock a lot of creativity by interacting more directly with the sounds you utilize in a session.

It’s a MIDI-controllable loop plugin that puts inspiring sounds proper at your fingertips. Each Chromatic patch is a curated collection of loops known as a set. Sets are browsable by Mood to get you considering outside the box.

The best part is how fun it’s to play Chromatic like an instrument and use the results and modifiers to create new sounds.

You’ll be surprised how simple and fun it feels to play and carry out with loops.

2. Go wild with effects

Audio effects are one of the best methods to transform a loop into your personal musical creation.

In case you’re not involved in keeping the original characteristics of your sound intact, there’s no limit on how far you may go.

Utilizing loops in this manner is much more about sound design and experimentation.

Instead of utilizing a sound for its musical options, you possibly can take its texture and run wild.

With all of the creative plugins out there, you can also make an easy sample completely unrecognizable with just a few insert effects.

3. Experiment with pitch and tempo

You possibly can easily change a familiar loop into one thing new by manipulating pitch and tempo.

In case you work in Ableton Live, the Warp function enables you to match any loop into context with your music. However, it’s much more than that when used creatively.

Try transposing loops up or down, or change their pitch to see where else they may match into a track.

You might discover your loops have a completely different feel transposed to a different key.

4. Take it out of context

Lastly, it’s fairly common to see samples organized strictly by genre.

It’s a helpful method to discover sounds, however, it’s not the final word on where you should utilize them.

Actually, left-field sampling is one of the most exciting methods to challenge expectations in music production.

The most innovative artists have always defied convention, so look for opportunities to use loops creatively in unexpected methods.

Loops, moods, and endless colors

Loops in music production aren’t going away anytime quickly.

In case you’ve ever worried about questions of authenticity while utilizing them, you shouldn’t let it maintain you from making music.

Actually, it’s unlikely that this type of outdated criticism might be around much longer as artists maintain creating new and exciting music with loops.

Now that you have some food for thought, get back to your DAW and maintain creating.

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