Tiktok Favorites Is Now Available on For You Page

Tiktok Favorites

TikTok Favorites is now available.

TikTok users can now bookmark videos on the For You page and organize them into Collections, just like on Instagram. This feature isn’t anything new. In fact, the useful tool has been hiding in plain sight for quite some time.

Previously, users had to long-hold a video and select “Add to Favorites” to access the Favorites and Collections features. So, how does the feature work, and what implications does it have for the TikTok algorithm? Continue reading to find out.

TikTok’s Favorites Feature: How to Use It

The new Favorites button, which resembles a bookmark icon, is located on the right side of the For You page:

new feature on tiktok

To add a TikTok video to your Favorites, tap the icon.

TikTok also introduced Collections, which allows you to organize your saved posts by topic, look, or any other classification you want to use.


Make your Collections unique! Consider them a personal library of all of your favorite videos.

To add more collections, click “+ Create new collection.” You can enter as many as you want.

steps to add a new tiktok collection

Users can favorite not only videos, but also sounds, effects, comments, questions, hashtags, and products.

To favorite a sound, go to the sound page and select “Add to Favorites.” For all other types of content, press and hold the screen until a pop-up appears.

adding a tiktok sound

How to Find TikTok Favorites

You’ll notice a small bookmark icon beside your likes when you’re on your profile:


When you press in, it displays all of the formats you can save as favorites, including videos, sounds, effects, comments, questions, hashtags, and products.

favorites options

Individual TikTok video analytics can help you determine how many people are saving your TikTok content.

Tap the three dots, then Analytics, and take a look at the number beneath the bookmark icon.

checking tiktok save analytics

Will TikTok Favorites Have An Effect on How the Algorithm Works? 

While not confirmed, TikTok Favorites are likely to be a positive indicator for the TikTok algorithm.

We know the TikTok algorithm takes into account user activity such as likes, comments, shares, and completions, so it’s only fair that TikTok includes Favorites in the mix.

They are a strong indicator that your content is resonating with your audience — they value it enough to save it and return to it later.

TikTok’s move into favorited content is similar to Instagram’s introduction of Saves.

Instagram Saves became so popular that many users began prioritizing saves over everything else.

It will be interesting to see if the same phenomenon occurs as TikTok Favorites become more popular. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on!

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