8 TikTok Filters to Level-up Your Videos (1/2)

8 TikTok Filters to Level-up Your Videos

From the retro vibes of “Brew” to the enjoyable “Time Warp Scan”, we’re sharing the top TikTok filters to level up your videos.

What are TikTok Filters?

Filters are visible parts you may add to your TikTok videos — starting from easy color overlays to dynamic AR effects.

Besides, there are two primary kinds of filters on TikTok: traditional presets and interactive effects.

Traditional Presets

Traditional presets might be utilized for videos (before or after recording) to vary their color tone.

Whether you wish to add a retro vibe to your video or give it a pink tint. Besides, that is one of the best ways to get your footage looking simply the way you need it.

TikTok’s preset filters are organized into 4 classes: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. With each class designed particularly to boost that kind of content.

8 Trending TikTok Filters to Try Right Now

Interactive Effects

Effect filters add an enjoyable and dynamic aspect to your TikTok videos.

They are often as drastic as altering your face form, turning you into a hologram, or changing your face with a cat’s.

Just like conventional presets, most impact filters might be added before or after you shoot a video — though some are solely available before you begin recording.

8 of the Greatest TikTok Filters for your videos 

Whether you’re a TikTok newcomer or a seasoned professional, listed below are 8 of the greatest TikTok filters you should utilize right now:

#1: Brew Filter Preset

By far one of the crucial popular TikTok filters, Brew, often known as G6, is ideal for giving your videos an older, retro-vintage feel.


It provides depth and a warm glow to video content — and has become such a staple for TikTok creators that it spawned a viral TikTok trend.

#2: Bling Filter Effect 

The Bling effect has been embraced by manufacturers and content creators alike for its dazzling, shimmery effect.

It’s a delicate but impactful strategy to highlight merchandise or particular parts in your video.


Shine bright like a diamond!

#3: Green Screen Filter Effect

The Green Screen effect routinely detects your define and allows you to add a custom background. Making it a primary filter for creatives.


Besides, you possibly can select a background picture out of your camera roll or TikTok’s default choices.

Whether you wish to stand in front of Mount Everest or talk over a screenshot of a rave buyer review, the probabilities are endless.

#4: Fantasy Filter Preset

The Fantasy Filter, often known as V11, provides a pinkish tint to your video.


As one of TikTok’s Vibe presets, Fantasy is nice for giving your content a cute pop of color.

Actually, it’s become one of the go-to filter selections amongst the Gen-Z TikTok elite, with many opting to combine it with the Color Customizer filter to create an enjoyable summer hue.

TIP: Take a look at which effects are trending on the TikTok Discover page!

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