8 TikTok Filters to Level-up Your Videos (2/2)


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Best TikTok Filters to Try Right Now 

#5: Inverted Filter Effect

TikTok’s Inverted filter saw an enormous surge in popularity after creators used it to see what they look like to other folks.

Point the camera at yourself, activate the filter, and prepare for the reveal.

#6: Color Customizer Filter Effect on TikTok

Often known as the Color Selector effect, this filter helps you to switch up the saturation of your videos — altering the color of clothes, buildings, skin, hair, and more.

If you wish to make your video content pop, this filter is nice for personalizing your footage in a colorful approach.

#7: Expressify Filter Effect 

Expressify is an enjoyable face-changing effect that exaggerates facial expressions. It magnifies certain areas of your face, supplying you with huge eyes, an enormous mouth, or extra-expressive eyebrows.

After all, TikTokers love a challenge, so Expressify has ignited a wave of videos that see folks attempting their best to retain as neutral a face as possible without laughing.

Give it an attempt for yourself!

#8: Time Warp Scan Filter Effect

Often known as “the blue line”, the Time Warp Scan effect is one of the most popular TikTok filters yet.

It works by freezing the picture being filmed incrementally as a blue line moves downwards or throughout the screen.

As the line moves throughout the screen, it holds the picture in place, offering ample alternative for creating fascinating distortions or even double photos that look like you’ve cloned yourself.

TIP: You may enter filters via different folks’ content by clicking on the effect icon that appears above somebody’s username of their video.

The way to Use Filters on TikTok

Now that you’re up to speed with a few of the best filters on TikTok, it’s time to attempt them out for yourself.

At first glance, the app’s enormous library of filters and effects might seem like a lot, however, they’re all tremendously user-friendly. You’ll be enhancing like a professional in no time.

Right here’s how you can add TikTok filters to your videos:

  1. Faucet the ‘+’ button to create a TikTok video.
  2. Click on the “Filters” icon on the right-hand facet of your screen.
  3. You’ll see a number of different preset type filters. Faucet on the one you need to use then hit the record button.
  4. In case you’d favor an effects filter, faucet the face icon within the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You’ll see TikTok’s built-in video effects in multiple classes like Trending, New, and Green Screen.
  5. To remove a preset type filter or an effects filter, open the filter menu and faucet the circle with a diagonal line via it within the left-hand corner.

With so many filter choices, TikTok offers you the chance to create eye-catching and fascinating video content.

Experiment with the TikTok filters we’ve mentioned, and preserve an eye out for new trends on the Discover page. And once you discover your groove, you’ll be creating scroll-stopping videos in no time!

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