What is TikTok For Business (1/2)

What is TikTok For Business (1/2)

TikTok For Business is an all-in-one tool for entrepreneurs to promote on TikTok. As an alternative to devising their own technique, the platform helps entrepreneurs via the entire process of creating ads, setting budgets, reaching goal audiences, and analyzing campaign data.

Marketing Options on TikTok For Business

The sole marketing format for businesses to make use of on TikTok is video ads. The TikTok For Business Ads Manager platform helps entrepreneurs create these ads, and so they can select from five different formats.

TopView Advertisements

TopView advertisements on TikTok are videos that appear once a day, instantly after a consumer opens their app for the primary time. Right here’s an instance of a TopView advert by candy firm M&M that they’ve created to promote a virtual Halloween experience.

topview ad tiktok

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TopView advertisements could be up to 60 seconds lengthy, which is longer than the typical run-time for TikTok videos. Due to this, it’s good for businesses seeking to promote services or products that require longer periods of attention, like TV trailers.

In-Feed Advertisements

In-Feed advertisements are videos that appear on a consumer’s discovery page, in any other case known as a For You page. That is where customers land once they open the app. The For You page options videos that the TikTok algorithm believes are of curiosity to the consumer based on their app exercise.

These advertisements are the fourth video customers see as they scroll via their feed. For reference, such an advertisement is similar to those that seem in a consumer’s Instagram feed. Right here’s an instance of an In-Feed advert created by food delivery service GrubHub.

grubhub in feed tiktok ad

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In-Feed advertisements are particularly valuable for entrepreneurs looking to make use of TikTok to drive sales conversions because the videos can function as a call-to-action (CTA). Acorns, a finance enterprise, has used the In-Feed CTA function to prompt viewers to download their app.

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Some manufacturers have created their own model of In-Feed advertisements by partnering immediately with influencers. For instance, Raising Cane’s Restaurant partnered with famous TikTok influencer Chase Hudson to advertise their enterprise (you possibly can test it out within the video below).

Customers who follow Hudson would see this video inside their For You feed.

Branded Hashtag

Branded Hashtags are ads that businesses use to encourage TikTokers to create content around a brand-related hashtag of their selection. Companies utilizing this advert format have unique access to the hashtag, which isn’t the case on different social media websites. Its exclusivity comes along with an excessive price ticket and reported average prices are around $150,000 USD for six days.

For instance, say you’re a sportswear firm that has just launched a new athletic shirt known as Blue Shirt. You might create a branded hashtag known as #InMyBlueShirt, where you encourage TikTok customers who’ve your product to post videos of them doing physical activities within the shirt.

Jennifer Lopez, a music artist, has used the Branded Hashtag function to promote her song, Pa Ti. The hashtag is known as #PaTiChallenge. Lopez posted a video of herself dancing where she inspired different TikTok customers to take part in the challenge by replicating her dance.

The #PaTiChallenge hashtag has garnered 2.4 Billion views.

Hashtag Challenges could be featured on TikTok’s Discover page, where customers can discover new creators and browse trending hashtags. The Discover page is similar to Instagram’s Explore page.

The hashtag challenge #WorldSeries, sponsored by Major League Baseball, is featured on TikTok’s Discover feed, and the hashtag encourages customers to post videos showing how they’ve celebrated baseball games. Clicking on the hashtag brings customers to an inside landing page that options the sponsors’ logo, challenge description, and different videos utilizing the hashtag.

tiktok discover page branded hashtag landing page demo

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Model Takeovers

Model Takeovers are an advert format that may include TopView, In-Feed, and Branded Hashtags. They may also be videos, gifs, or still photos. The takeover facet of those advertisements is that TikTok solely options one enterprise per day, and the beginning price is around $50,000 USD per day.

Guess, a fashion firm, ran a Model Takeover on TikTok to promote their denim jeans. Over six days, their TikTok account gained over 12 thousand new followers and generated a 14.3% whole engagement rate. Their Model Takeover included Top View, Branded Hashtag, and In-Feed advertisements.

guess jeans brand takeover ad formats

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Branded Effects

Branded Effects advertisements use 2D, 3D, or AR to add photos of your merchandise into TikTok videos. Manufacturers sometimes create stickers of their merchandise or create filters that TikTokers can use when creating their videos. These filters and stickers enhance engagement and model awareness, as utilizing them sometimes involve playing brand-specific games.

Puma, a clothing firm, used the Branded Effects function to promote their new soccer shoes. Besides, their 3D sticker prompted customers to play a virtual reality game with a soccer ball. They paired their Branded Effects sticker with a hashtag challenged that generated over 100,000 videos of user-generated content.

puma shoes branded effects tiktok example

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