TikTok Ideas For Your Next Viral Video Post (2/2)


Continue to discover TikTok ideas for your next viral video post…

TikTok Idea #6: Tell a Story

The #StoryTime hashtag is proof of the demand for personal, with over 65B views, story-based content on TikTok.

Take Tiana aka @hoopsandt – an official scorer for basketball games. Besides, her TikTok video telling the story of how she landed her job has over 72K views.

You may as well share stories you’ve been captivated by and spotlight employees, role models, or game-changer in your business.

TIP: Storytelling videos don’t should be too difficult. They should be as simple as filming a selfie video to talk about a distinctive experience.

TikTok Idea #7: Share Ideas & Tips

From iPhone hacks to one of the best ways to keep your cat off your counters — sharing suggestions is your ticket to sharable (and doubtlessly viral) content.

Chad from @mancrafting is a content creator. Besides, his TikTok feed is full of educational videos about welding and woodworking. With over 104K followers he’s grown an engaged niche community, who can simply follow his easy hacks.

TikTok Idea #8: Post a Vlog

Vlogs are videos that operate as a visible journal of your day or week.

Authenticity guidelines on TikTok, so giving your viewers a look into your life or business makes for quality content.

Whereas the quick cuts might seem too fast to have a real influence — this video garnered over 200 comments. Lamos’ followers noticed each element and their inquiries are nice for engagement and inspiring future content.

Feeling nervous about sharing unpolished areas of your life? Watch Lydia Keating’s (@lydialoo121) viral video on why TikTok customers love seeing “the mundane” on the platform.

TIP: For TikTok vlog, combine together short snippets and a trending sound that conveys the emotion you need to bring to the video.

TikTok Idea #9: Share Your Interests

Watching a new binge-worthy present? Learn a business book that modified your life? Feature it in your subsequent TikTok video!

Sharing new finds is an efficient method to humanize your model. Besides, it might help diversify your content and can bring viewers again for more.

By sharing books that she believes ought to be on the NYT bestseller listing, Selene intrigues viewers and creates a dialogue around lesser-known books.

Not a fan of talking on camera? Use captions and pictures to get your message across.

TIP: Keep your suggestions simple and personable — share a fast recap of what you enjoyed as in case you’re talking to a pal.

TikTok Idea #10: Create a Duet/Stitch

Duet and Stitch are options discovered within the TikTok effects menu that help you collaborate with other customers.

Whereas the Duet effect creates a split-screen, Stitch permits you to clip and edit a recording in response to a present TikTok video.

For the Stitch effect, check out how @StylerRising unexpectedly landed a viral moment by responding to somebody seeking an inclusive fitness center area.

These video options are a good way to achieve new audiences, be creative, and present your character. It’s a win-win.

TIP: If you want to see extra Stitch content of a particular video, sort #stitch@/username within the TikTok search bar.

There you have it! 10 evergreen TikTok video ideas you possibly can depend on for inspiration, anytime.

TikTok is a particularly versatile platform — there’s a niche for almost everything. So whatever your brand, you possibly can add your individual distinctive twist and let your character shine through.

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