8 TikTok Marketing Strategies to Inspire Your Brand

TikTok marketing strategies

TikTok which let users make short, looping videos with special effects and musical overlays, is booming with more than 1 billion users.

While Gen-Z uses this platform to show their creative side, some brands on TikTok use it to grow brand awareness, reach new younger audiences, and reveal a lighter side of themselves via funny videos and challenges that drive social media trends across different platforms.

Here, we’ll look at eight brands that nail TikTok marketing strategies with creative content that draws attention.

8 TikTok Marketing Strategies

1. NBA

Not like its Instagram channel, which concentrates purely on basketball games and highlights, its TikTok posts update a lighter side of the organization. For instance, their Tiktok marketing strategies are videos of players working out to music, dancing on the court, or answering fan questions.

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors busts a move from the sidelines after his team member scores in the below example:

And take a look at this funny montage of Chris Bosh photo-bombing his team members (including LeBron James) throughout his career:

When you may expect the NBA to focus more seriously on stats and games, it uses the app to lighten up the branding and make its athletes look more relatable. While the videos still promote basketball, additionally they match with other funny posts on TikTok feeds.

In other businesses, making your company more personal can gain the same effect. For instance, in case your restaurant’s TikTok account posts funny content of waiters dancing, viewers may suppose the restaurant has pleasant and joyful staff. This may make them wish to eat there because they’ll picture themselves having an enjoyable dining time.

2. Fenty Beauty

One of the vital popular kinds of content on TikTok is tutorials. Some brands lend themselves to this more than others, however, an incredible example is Fenty Beauty, which uses TikTok to indicate make-up tutorials, wear-tests, and product launches.

Tutorial-based content can match a wide range of brands. For instance, a clothing store could show how to style certain pieces of clothes. A hardware store could show the way to build, restore, or paint something utilizing its tools. Even a gym could offer a demonstration on how to use types of equipment.

Begin by brainstorming all of the methods somebody might use your services or products. When you can break a task into steps that last no more than 60 seconds, it might make for an amazing TikTok video tutorial.

3. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ was one of the first businesses to employ influencer marketing on this platform by coordinating with TikTok megastar Charli D’Amelio.

Collectively, they introduced new menu items at Dunkin and collaborated on several videos.

After sharing content about the partnership, Dunkin noticed a 57% spike in app downloads and a 20% sales increase for all cold brew coffees.

Influencer marketing is highly effective as a result of it taps into word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. However, in case you believe you have to partner with a famous TikToker for it to work, think again.

In terms of influencer marketing, relevance is more vital than reach. Rather than working with an influencer based solely on vanity metrics (like follower count), look for micro-influencers who own a niche audience that matches your own. Research indicates that influencers with under 1,000 followers get more engagement than their more popular counterparts.

4. Milk Bar

TikTok videos thrive with music, and Milk Bar does get this. The bakery chain does an exceptional job at capitalizing on trending TikTok memes, formats, and audio.

This is Milk Bar putting a spin on the “Have you ever been in love?” trend:

Take a look at another example that uses the “Oh Lord” audio:

TikTok makes it simple to include music in videos, which might result from having made legal preparations with major music firms. Perhaps that is why it is almost impossible to scroll via TikTok without seeing users dancing or lip-syncing to music.

Audiences prefer to see brands joining in on current trends or putting a unique spin on an existing one. When brands take the time to know TikTok and keep a finger on the pulse of the platform, it becomes simpler to join trending topics. And in case you’re unsure where to begin, take a look at TikTok’s Discovery Page for inspiration.

5. Chipotle

Since joining TikTok in 2018, Chipotle has set the standard for how brands could develop their awareness while engaging the TikTok community in an enjoyable and authentic way.

Chipotle opts for a more casual vibe, usually updating dance challenges and fan-made videos,like videos of users sharing their favorite Chipotle recipes. This is an instance of a Chipotle “menu hack” for spicy queso, which gain over 300k likes:

Chipotle additionally showcases behind-the-scenes from real crew members in their kitchens. Take a look at this “vlog style” Tiktok marketing strategies about the former employee revisiting her job and reviewing her coworkers:

When you want a creative method to spread brand awareness rapidly, taking a note from Chipotle and sharing personable behind-the-scenes content could be an awesome experiment. Additionally, lean into your brand advocates who might be willing to share their experiences on social media.

6. Gymshark

Gymshark is one of the leading fitness brands on TikTok, gaining 2 million followers in six months only. Gymshark caters to fitness fanatics by updating workout challenges, inspirational health journeys, and relatable fitness humor that makes the gym feel less intimidating.

This is one of those relatable fitness videos:

One of the brand’s most notable TikTok campaigns was the 66 Days: Change Your Life challenge, which highlights the truth that it takes 66 days to form a habit. TikTok attendees posted videos of their own workout journey in hopes of getting a Gymshark membership card.

The campaign was an awesome success, with the hashtag #gymshark66 reaching 193 million views.

Challenges are one of the greatest trends on TikTok, and innovative brands are utilizing them to fast-track their development and connect with millions of users on the platform. Think about making your own challenge or putting a unique spin on an already existing one.

7. The Washington Post

The Washington Post was one of the earliest brand adopters on TikTok. Those who have not seen their content are likely to be anticipating investigative or serious content. Surprisingly, the newspaper honestly uses its account to publish comedic skits regarding the latest breaking news.

These Tiktok marketing strategies fit in completely with the platform now that they’re funny, timely, and embrace a few of TikTok’s weirdest special effects. Take a look at this skit about Delta Airlines’ PR department struggling to write a press launch about the COVID-19 delta variant:

The Washington Post shows how brands could succeed on TikTok by talking directly to its particular audience — young audiences who want to laugh.

As a result of The Post has a long history of groundbreaking, award-winning, and intellectual journalism, this comedic strategy may also attract young audiences who wish to follow the news, however, used to worry that content from a newspaper would be too advanced or out of contact for them.

In case your brand is in publishing, academia, or similar industries, testing out a video strategy that reveals your lighter side could be a fascinating experiment. It might make your content and brand feel less intimidating and allow you to achieve attention from newer audiences.

8. San Diego Zoo

Everybody loves a cute animal video. The San Diego Zoo’s TikTok account pleasantly takes benefit of this well-known fact.

The zoo’s strategy is straightforward: Update videos of cute animals with fun music. And with over 2 million followers, it seems to be working. How could anybody not want to follow them after seeing this video of a lovely red panda?

In addition to that cuteness, the zoo has additionally dueted with other animal-friendly accounts, such as the Monterey Aquarium:

Not only is this interesting to penguin lovers, but it’s also a terrific example of how two similar brands could cross-promote utilizing TikTok features. Due to the zoo’s tagging strategy, this video might be seen by followers of the aquarium and the zoo. This way, zoo followers may achieve more interest in the aquarium and vice versa.

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